Yves Mourousi

Yves Stanislas Jean Benoit Marie Mourousi, born it with () and dead it 7 April in Paris, was one . .



  • Secondary studies with the Lakanal college of ,
  • Studies with the Faculty of Law of and at the national School of alive Eastern languages.

Journalistic beginnings

  • In : becomes journalist withORTF, writer then editor of Inter current events magazine (section of information of the semi-day) with .
  • In : carry out its first interview televised by questioning the Minister for national Education, .

13 hour old newspaper of TF1

  • Of with : presenter and editor of the 13 hour old newspaper with with at these sides successively Claude Pierrard, , Jean-Pierre Pernaut and since 1981 Marie-Laure Augry.
  • It brings a radical change to the television news, while being the first to make leave the newspaper its studio, with a minimun of direct in outside per week. It is also the first to make direct since with (of the time of the ex-USSR), Poland in 1977, with in 1979. Thus of the four corners of the world it launches its famous "Hello" (little conforms for the use of the time). It presents some of these newspapers in strange places, like a block to opératoir, from where the télespectateurs can follow on line the operation of an open patient with c?ur. Or of a nuclear thermal power station, a submerged submarine, an aircraft carrier of the French navy. At this time the television news of TF1 lasted one hour, with a first part devoted to the topicality and a second part more turned towards the culture.
  • One also remembers his covering joints of?il to the topicality, approaching the helmet of building site sometimes the day of the privatization of the chain, a way of saying "I am and I remain independent", sometimes the impermeable one and black glasses of the Polish President, it Jaruzelski General, come visits some in France with the large injury of the Prime Minister for the time, .

Other activities

  • : the President convinces to authorize it to be concluded on, always respected tradition,
  • : create with Jacques Plaine, president of the French Federation of the trade unions of the booksellers, the festival of the book with ,
  • : "Mr Moto is named", is responsible for mission near the minister of Youth and Sports,
  • Honorary president of the "Festive World in France", principal association of open of France, which owe him their installation each year in the gardens of ,
  • It organizes and puts in scene of many spectacles, the musical "Barnum", "the Nights of the army", etc.,
  • In and : conceives and animates with three recoveries the emission "That interests us, M. the President "with . It creates sensation when, sitted on the presidential desk, it questions the Head of the State by asking to him whether he is "a president chébran".

After 1 p.m.

  • Of with : director of the special operations of ,
  • Of with : to adviseHerve Bourges, general manager of RMC, and organizer of "the policy differently" (daily political interview),
  • In : animate an interview in the emission "Tele-Zebra" of Thierry Ardisson on Antenna 2,
  • Of with : director of the programs and the operations external of RMC.
  • In : INSEP (national Institute of the sports and physical education) entrusts to him the responsibility of organize the fiftieth anniversary of this institution.
  • Of with : person in charge for the mission of charged to organize the festivities of the year 2000, task which it will not be able to conclude its, dying of the continuations of a heart attack on April 7, 1998.

Marry in 1985 Veronique d' Alançon (1961-1992). A child.


  • Torch - the destiny: Michel Lafon, 1991
  • Mathias Hello: Michel Lafon, 1987
  • It is time to speak: Flammarion, 1986
  • The winners 1985-1986: Edition Atlas, 1985

Decorations and distinctions

  • (1976)
  • Great price of the European Community of broadcasting (1969 & 1971)

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