Zastava M57

Product with Kragujevac (Serbia) by manufacture Zastava (known also for its alternatives ofAK-47 and its cars Yugo 45), Zastava M57 is a copy of Tokarev TT 33 in 7,62x25mm TT with which one associated a charger of 9 blows instead of 8.

Wishing to conquer market with export, Zastava put on sale in 1970 a version in 9mm Parabellum of its M57 model: M70(d). This same year leaves M70 gauges 7,65 Browning and 9mm short intended for the police force and provided with a manual safety. During years 1990, Zastava proposed a version sport of M57, Zastava Z10, equipped with a square trigger guard and tie either with 7,62 mm TT or with the 10 mm Car.

Following the conflict of Balkans of 1991-1995, Zastava M57 was spread in Maffias European.


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