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  • 1 January - Chiapas, Mexico: the indios they rebel during the night besieging some centers inhabits you of the Chiapas. In many places, they succeed to make it without to shoot a blow, in others they are forced to fight. They only scope is to public read the first declaration of the Lacandona Forest, in which they denounce their dramatic situation. I besiege hard a single day.
  • 17 January - Los Angeles, in California, it comes hit from a violent earthquake, that it provokes 34 died and 1,800 hurt.
  • 20 January - the top model Claudia Schiffer it makes scandal in the world ofIslam showing public a bustino with on embroidered a verse of Corano.



You open them

  • 5 you open them - It comes operated the singer jazz She Fitzgerald, and the legs will come to them amputated both.
  • 6 you open them - Ruanda: two surface-to-air missiles pull down the airplane with to edge the president Juvenal Habyarimana, of etnia hutu, and the president of Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira. Endured after the slaughters are get loosed for which they had been prepared for a long time the lists. In one hundred days they come above all killed 800 mila persons (hutu).
  • 8 you open them - Seattle: it comes found died in its house Kurt Cobain, passed away 5 you open them because of a rifle shot to the head.
  • 19 you open them - Paul Touvier, said "boia of Vichy", it comes condemned to the jail to life: it is not never sorry.



  • 11 May - the Italian Financial police executes "Hardware I", the first phase ofItalian Crackdown


  • 18 june - Italy: Rosanna Of The Court she is the older mother of Italy. Thanks to the assisted fecondazione give to the light, to the age of 63 years, a maschietto of Riccardo name.


  • 4 July - Ruanda: patriotic Forehead (FPR), of etnia tutsi, conquest the understood one them Kigali. The 19 July swears and insedia the new president of the Republic, Pasteur Bizimungu.
  • 12 July - Austria - with referendum the country confirmation the adhesion toEuropean Union.
  • 21 July - In the profughi fields of Zaire an epidemic bursts of colera: migliaia they are the victims between the fuggiaschi coming from from Ruanda.
  • 27 July - It is born ALCEI, the Association for the Freedom in the Interactive Communication Electronic.


  • 12 september - Exceeding every security system, an airplane guided from crowds crashes against House white woman.
  • 26 september - To Surat, in India, an epidemic of plague pulmonary miete hundred of victims.


  • 1 October - Slovakian Republic: the premier nazionalpopulista Vladimir Meciar it gains the elections.
  • 4 October - Brasi they: Ferdinand Henrique Cardoso he gains the presidential elections.
  • 8 October - Atene: The national Italian of pallavolo confirmation champion of the world striking itself the national Dutch.
  • 16 October - Germany: Helmut Kohl it gains the elections and it will come confirmed chancellor 15 November.
  • 16 October - Finland: 57% of the constituents to the referendum say "" to the adhesion toEuropean Union.
  • 26 October - Israel/Jordan: it comes signed the peace accord after to have been formally for 46 years in war.


  • 1 November
    • Mozambique: Joaquim Chissano it comes confirmed president of the country from 55% of the constituents of the first multipartitiche elections.
    • Italy: it comes condemned to the life imprisonment Peter Pacciani, said the "monster of Florence".
  • 2 November - Durunka (Egypt): because of the outbreak of a fuel warehouse dies approximately 400 persons.
  • 3 November - France: a public weekly magazine the photos of the secret daughter of the President François Mitterrand.
  • 8 November - The Aja: With the opening of the process against Dusan Tadic - accused of genocidio, homicides, tortures, mass deportations... - it is before the time from Second World war that an international court must judge for crimes of war and against the humanity.
  • 10 November - Iraq/Kuwait: Iraq it recognizes the state of Kuwait, until then considered province irachena
  • 10 November - Sri Lanka: Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratanga (a woman) gains the presidential elections.
  • 12 November - Rome: a million march against the law financial institution of the government Berlusconi. The greater manifestation of public square of the post-war period is considered.
  • 13 November - Sweden: 52% of the constituents to the referendum say "Yes" to the adhesion toEuropean Union.
  • 28 November - Norway: Later on to a popular referendum, Norway does not join toEuropean Union.
  • 30 November - Horn of Africa: it burns and it sinks the ocean-going liner Achille Lauro. Two passengers die, the others are saved 980 persons.


  • 9 Decembers - Karamay (China): it burns a theatre causing beyond 300 died between the spectators, above all children
  • 11 Decembers - the Russian military participation Begins in Cecenia.
  • 13 Decembers - Ethiopia: it begins the process against the former president You have Them Mariam Menghistu and its collaborators, accused of genocidio and crimes against the humanity
  • 22 Decembers - Italy: the government is discharged Berlusconi
  • 26 Decembers - Marseilles: an airplane seizure is concluded with a raid during which the terrorists have killed 3 passengers. They remain killed the four terrorists.

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