Misers they are, second the accepted theory more, nomadic people, closely become related with , that it is settled down, founding just be, in the area of in . Later on the Misers complete incursions in Europe, reaching until in , in order then to insediarsi in Transilvania around to X century.


Classic sources

In V century Retore Priskos it is the first one to take care of the tribes Misers who live in Western Siberia. This would second confirm the theory which this people would be original of the region of Balkhash as certificate also from the Chinese reports concerning the Hua to they becomes related to you. According to the chronology of Prisco, the Avari/Unni drives away the Sabiri outside from their lands towards Volga around to - thanks to a "fog rose that coming from the sea scared people" and was continuation from "innumerevoli voltures that decreased on people".

Later on, in the 550, the historian of the church, Zacharia, mentions one "community" Miser in the West. Around to the half of Menandro it writes to care of the Misers. In the same Procopio period it distinguishes in its History of the wars between Unni European Bianchi and Unni who Simmokattes, subsequently, in the first half of it defines real and Pseudo-Avari respective.

Always second the information of Simokattes, and also of other authors, the Misers who reach themselves in Europe make to think to one combination of people of stirpe called Uighur Hund () and (based on anthropological and etimologiche indications on the name of kagan a called Miser Bayan, word that means "Prospero" in mongolo but means "woman" in the greater part of the language of western the Altaico group) people of stirpe said Mongola Var () that shape around to Balk in the years between the 410 and the 470.

Problem of the origins of the Misers

The Misers have been in passed to puttinges in relation with the Juan-Juan generating much confusion when the same people have been later on called Misers.
Although this identity has revealed a rough generalization in how much the Juan Juan continues to exist on their lands of origin until their upsetting in period in which Sarorios is remembered like khagan of the Misers in Europe. It is however possible that the European Misers have made part, to a sure point, of the confederation Juan Juan.
Beyond to references on one they correlation with the Hephthaliti, an other version, that it has had discreet spread, on their mysterious origin is that the Uyguri comes conquered from the Mongoli in V century. Shape therefore a confederation in euroasiatiche steppes where they, the Misers, tried to survive in competition with the other Turkish tribes, from which is then drives away to you. The survivors of this mixed group migrano Turco/Mongolo towards Europe of the east where they fuse the Khanato of the Misers, - , giving beginning to theirs it was of the conquests.

The expansion in Europe

It allies you of i Bizantini, Misers they fight against Slavs and i Bulgarians, controlling the area between and until . The situation of dumb alliance then as a result of the attempt of invasion of in and of the attacks against in and in .
The Emperor Eraclio, with to Bulgarians and Slavs ( Serbs and Croatians), it expels the Misers from. In the 630 the Khagan Kubrat of stirpe the Onoghur becomes the first monarch of the second dynasty Miser.

On the end of the written ones begin to mention people whom it uses, for just the name, root K-B/V-R (keep account that draft of languages in which they come only written the consonanti) and that it lives in the same area inhabited from the Misers. Root K-B/V-R has been explained like the result of one "rebellion" or one "division". Kuber dissidents Avari-Unni are mention you to later on migrare towards south to a rebellion against the majority of the Misers not a lot after that Batbayan-Bezmer happens to the Kubrat father like khagan. He is reasonable to suppose that these western Misers are themselves stir with the Unno-Bulgarians and/or routes to you their legami/ribellati ones against the orda main allocated in The Caucasus under the government of i Khazari, they have been then known with variation "K-B/V-R" in the name.

Very little it is known approximately the Kabar/Avari between and except that the greater part of the people adjacent they continuous to call them Misers. The digging of their cemetaries has put in evidence that are people of stirpe mongola whom they possessed objects normally associates to you with the Jewish culture and this can make to think that their cultural center found in Khazaria rather than in or in . As Karabi (or Kavari) also has left traces in the names of some cities, as an example Kopyrev Konets, in the district of Kiev.
The Misers, in they invade Europe once again. Defeats from i it guides give to you in they try aid in the confederation of the seven Magiare tribes. The three tribes Misers who the Magiari call Kavar or Kabar not (are others point out to the Misers in the sources originate them Magiare) insediano finally in Transilvania.

Misers of the Caucasus

The logon between the European Misers and the Misers of Causaso and i Kabari it has been often discussed but currently it seems more credited the theory second which the Misers who allocate themselves in Transilvania are only of Pseudo-Avari (Kabari), perhaps one fraction of the Misers remained in the Caucasus under the Khazaro control. The Misers who suppose themselves are remained in the Caucasus will give life, later on, to a powerful one khanato that in X century it will contribute to the fall of .

Problem of the origins of the Misers

Three regions exist that come proposed like place of origin of the Misers, one are in the Caucasus in logon with the Protosiberiane populations, an other assume the Hindu Kush in the pressed ones of put into effect them Kabul and an other, associated with i Parni, and the region of Jaxartes around to the Balkhash lago in the east north of Kazakhstan. However a synthesis of these theories is hypothetical also supposing that the Misers are in origin inhabitants of Khwarezmia and that they have later on influenced all and the three areas. The skeletons find to you in the interments in Europe are mostly of the Mongolian type but many objects to they Jewish culture associates to you seems to indicate one. However that they have connected Jewish origins with the discovered nearly-Jewish tribes in China or they have been simply influences to you from the presumed conversion of the Khazari is a issue that demands still ulterior studies.

Religion of the Misers

To the east, the inhabitants of the Khwarezmia, under the control Miser of , they must observe a shape of Mosaica law what that can explain the presence of typical objects of the Jewish culture in theirs tombe of the Carpatico river basin. Later on while the area of takeover of the western Misers, known like Avaristan, becomes a reign Christian, the regions more islamizzano takeover orients them than they. Arguments exist also in order to connect the Misers with the ancient Zoroastrista religion Iranian and others that suggest a connection to shapes of Sciamanesimo.

The Biblical hypothesis

The Misers have been included, with other populations of the Turkish stock, in the attempt to trace one descendancys from Noè.

Joseph very Gorion (X century) in its historical job Sefer Yosippon Avar (???) like one of the ten sons of the Biblical Togarmash cites. Others suggest that Avaro-Unni comes down from the Biblical patriarch Eber (written anch' it) through Keturah, the third moglie of Abramo, whose descendants would be migrati in plains of Eurasia they centers in XII century AC ("Reports of Jerahemeel" of Jerahemeel very Solomon). There are also correlations on the descendancys of several Tribes Avaro-Unne give Magog that it had also a descendant of Heber name (???).

An ulterior hypothesis

The eponimi common they can be explains to you with a theory, wide accepted, than the name Misers it has common roots with the Turkish word misers that it means wanderer or wanderer. Therefore it could be that the term Misers, is used for various people, with meant of "migration" like many the other similar words in ancient languages like "as an example Hebrew".


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