Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate
formula di struttura
idrogenocarbonato of sodio
Names alternated to you
  • bicarbonate
Characteristics generate them
Weight formula () 84,01
solid crystalline white man
Chemical-physical property
(g·cm-3, in c.n.) 2,22
in 95,5 g/l to 293 K
Temperature of fusion (K) >543 (>270°C) with decomposition
Vapor tension (Pa) to 303 K 830
Termochimiche property
?fH0 (kJ·mol-1) -950,8
fG0 (kJ·mol-1) -851,0
S0mC0p,m: R --
: S --

The substances chemistries go manipulated with caution.

sodium bicarbonate it is, like carbonate of sodio, one of ofcarbonic acid. With the exception of this last one, in bicarbonate only one of it has been replaced from one ione sodio.

Commercially, it is famous also simply as bicarbonate.

To ambient temperature crystalline powder is introduced like one white woman. For heating beyond the 50°C it stretches to decomporsi being converted in carbonate and freeing ;

2 NaHCO3 Na2CO3 + H2Or + CO2

melted in water, it produces one light ; a solution of 50 g in a liter of water to 25°C has inferior to 8,6.

Exposed to substances acide, it is decomposed freeing carbon dioxide and water

NaHCO3 + + H2Or + CO2 (gas)
NaHCO3 + CH3COONa + H2Or + CO2 (gas)

this phenomenon is taken advantage of in the so-called chemical and in it prepares to you in order to render frizzante the water from table, that they are one sodium bicarbonate mixture and composed acids.

The ability to react ago with acids yes that the sodium bicarbonate comes used in druggist preparations like antacid and against bruciori of stomach, although an excessive consumption is from avoiding because it can ripercuotersi on the pH of . It comes moreover added to i for its light abrasive action and turning white.

The sodium bicarbonate is found also in sale in the storees; it comes used in kitchen for pulizia of fruit and the verdura.

It is between points out to it to you alimentary codifies to you from, identified from the acronym And 500.

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