Carlomagno in una vecchia stampa
Carlomagno in an old press

Carlomagno (2 you open them 742 - 28 January 814) or Carl Magno (in German: Karl der Grosse, in Latin: Carolus Magnus) he was king of i Franchi from 771 to814, king of i Longobardi and Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire.

To he, the greater one of the sons of Pipino the Short one (714 - 768), first of the king Carolingi, it is used to attribute the one foundation Empire of the Franchi inEurope western.


The incoronazione of Carlomagno

To the dead women of Pipino the reign was divided between Carlomagno and its brother Carlomanno. When these died in 771 to Carlomagno the unified reign of the Franchi remained.

In the putting of Been born them of 25 Decembers 800 in Rome, Lion III incoronò Carlomagno emperor, tito never more used it in The West from abdication of Romolo Augustolo in 476. Some sources exist that speak about this incoronazione. In this case we cite two: annales and Karoli Life. The first one says that Carl Magno came incoronato emperor following the rituale of the antichi emperors roman, came to it revocato the title it of patrizio and it acquired the title it of Augusto. The second, says that if that evening Carl had known the intentions of the Pope, even if were an important festivity, it would not have entered in church. Therefore, second this document, Carl Magno came incoronato emperor against its will. Karoli Life it cites also "envies it of the emperors roman", than in this case understandings for i go Bizantini, because Pope incoronando Carl Magno, sanctioned that its empire was the continuation of the Roman Empire, denying instead this to the Bizantini. Moreover Carl Magno, looking at itself incoronato emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, became account that contrapponeva to the empire bizantino, just because he had allied of the Pope. Since Carl Magno had problems and enemies already enough ( Arabs, as an example), of it it did not have need of others. Continuous the Karoli Life saying that it gained the inimicizia of the bizantini with numerous ambascierie and calling them "siblings" in epistles

Continuing the reforms begun from the father, Carlomagno liquidated it arranges monetary based on soul of gold. He and King Offa di Mercia they resumed the system created from Pipino, establishing a new one standard, the pound (pound, both units of currency and weight at the same time) that it was worth 20 sou (like for solid and later scellino) or 240 denier (like for money and eventually penny). During this period the pound and the soul were account unit, while the denier it was real only currency.

Carlomagno applied the new system in the greater part ofEurope continental, and the standard of Offa voluntarily it was adopted in nearly all.

Carlomagno. Statua avanti al museo storico di Francoforte
Carlomagno. Statue ahead to the historical museum of Frankfurt

When Carlomagno died, in814, it was inumato in "its" of Aquisgrana (ted. Aachen). Successor was the only one of its sons who survived to it, Ludovico the Devout one. After these reign it was subdivided between the three sons survivors, second the tradition frank. These three reigns are consider the embryo you of and of Sacred Roman Empire.

After the dead women of Carlomagno, I coin continental degraded and much part ofEurope resorted to the continuativo use of I coin English until XII century.

It is difficult to comprise the attitude of Carlomagno towards the daughters. Nobody of they contracted in fact one wedding to regulate. This can have been an attempt to control the number of upgrades them alliances.

After its dead women the daughters survivors entered or were forced to enter in monastero. At least one of they, Bertha relation officially recognized had one, if not a wedding, with Angilberto, member of the court of Carlomagno.

Rinascimento Carolingio

To the reign of Carlomagno one often refers to us like to Rinascimento Carolingio because of blooming of school, , art and architecture. Many of i Latin classics survivors were copied and preservati from the Carolingi scholars.

The nature Pan-European of the addresses of Carlomagno evince from the origins of many of the men who for he worked: Alcuino, Anglo-Saxon; Teodulfo, Visigoto; Paul Deacon, Lombardic; Angilberto and Eginardo Franchi.

Carlomagno enjoyed a followed important in culture European. One of large literary cycles medieval, Cycle of Carlomagno, it is centralized on the enterprises of Rolando condottiero historian of Carlomagno on border brettone.

The same Carlomagno was approached to the holiness in Sacred Roman Empire after XII century. It was taken to model of knight like one of i Nine Heroes (you see voice on Wikipedia in English).

"Father" of the united Europe future

Carlomagno and Pope Adrian I

The greater unificatori of Europe - they give to Luigi XIV, they give to Jean Monnet - but also modern statesmen like Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder they have all mentioned Carlomagno indicating it like father of the future United Europe.


  1. Imiltrude
  2. Ermengarda (repudiated in 771)
  3. Ildegarda (dead woman in 783)
  4. Fastrada (married in 784 and died in 794)
  5. Liutgarda (married in 794)

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