crescentina (normally the plurale shape is used increasing some) specialty from typical furnace is one ofappennino modenese, similar to the most known piadina romagnola. It is a lot consumed during the festivities and local festivals, and is prepared in almost all the taverns of the zone.

The names of these products made up of flour in Emilia Romagna they vary remarkablly from zone to zone. As an example the term crescentina comes used to in order to indicate gnocco fried, while the food of which draft this article comes called tigella.

They prepare a paste beginning from of , of tender grain and , from which littles ball or discs of the diameter are formed of 6-10 . In some varying it comes added also sodium bicarbonate, strutto, or .

The traditional baking happened collecting into a pile the paste in alternation with discs of terracotta previously it makes red-hot to you in . With opportune maestria the cook periodically moved the elements of the battery in order to render uniform and to verify the advance of the baking. The discs of terracotta they were calls to you tigelle and for this reason today, especially in the modenese and from Bologna plain, one refers to us to increasing some with the improper name of tigelle. The discs had often recorded geometric or floreali decorations that remained printed publication on the paste during the baking.
Currently the baking usually is carried out in faster way placing paste discs between two slabs of material refractory or , in it purposely blots some realized for the scope, fed to gas or electricity.

The cooked crescents some come then cut to half and imbottite traditionally with trito of lardo of pig, garlic and rosmarino, to which has joined in recent times slices they to you and i , first between all Reggiano Carmesan grattugiato.
The habit has been diffused also to use like condimento also marmellate and creams of , what but seen malvolentieri from the cultori of the tradition of the Appennino.

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