The forbidden planet

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Title originates them: Forbidden planet
Country: USA
Duration: 98'
Color: color
Audio: sonorous
: fantascienza
: Fred McLeod Wilcox
: Irving Block, Allen Adler
: Cyril Hume
Photography: George J. Folsey
: Ferris Webster
: Arnold Gillespie, Joshua Meador,Warren Newcombe, Irving G. Ries
: Bebe Barron, Louis Barron
: Hugh Hunt, Edwin B. Willis

It is invited to follow the outline of

The forbidden planet it is a classic of of , directed they give Fred McLeod Wilcox and produced from MGM, from which subsequently a novel from part was drawn of W.J. Stuart.

In the realization of they were employs to you numerous and electronic. It made apparition you for before turns Robby. The personages and the acclimatization of the film are inspire you to the commedia of The Storm, that different weft has but one. Of good level they are the scenografie and I found painted them.


The cruiser spaces them C-57-D it is sended in mission on planet Altair IV to the search of eventual survivors of the previous shipment Bellerofonte, dispersed twenty years before.

To the arrival their ship comes caught up from an immense force of nature ignota, after which they are contacts to you from the only survivor of the shipment, dottor the Edward Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), which it tries invano dissuader them landing. To the landing they come received from the Robby robot, than it leads them to the room of Morbius, which it explains as within a year from the arrival on the planet, all the members of the shipment were made to disappear during the night from one immense disowned creature, all except if same, the moglie (dead woman then for natural causes) and the son. It fears that the same one to the new ones can happen arrives to you. It does not fear instead for if and the daughter, also because their room is equipped with sophisticated defensive technologies. Captain (Leslie Nielsen) asks for which technical competences arranges Morbius, than in the mission it was a linguista.

Morbius says of to have studied and to have worked for all the twenty years to the reconstruction of the history and some technologies of i Krell, the original civilization of the planet, mysteriously passing one night of two thousand centuries before.

Extension therefore to the hosts nursery Krell, comprising a machine for the education that instantaneously killed a person who tried it and induced in the same Morbius for two days. To the awakening it was found again with one intellettivo quotient almost doubled. It leads them to the inside of the planet, where immense machine is present one basement fed from a number indefinibile of autooperanti and autoriparanti nuclear reactors. The scope of the machine, operating for all the millenia succeeded you to the passing of the Krell is ignoto. Great Machine it is represented effectively with the special effects, trees kilometric on which immense structures they slide up and down, with great energetic scariche. The acclimatizations remember in some way those of an other classic: .

The thing more interesting are made still when the captain meets the daughter of Morbius, Altaira, much beautiful but rather ingenuous one. As diciannovenne she is much onlooker and it establishes a relationship with the second of the commander. In the night, while Morbius sleeps in nursery, the instruments of the machine begin to go to over the entire scale and at the same time the ship spaces them comes attacked from one invisibile entity of pure energy. When Morbius comes risvegliato from the daughter, in its turn waked up from an incubus, the attack stops immediately and the instruments come down to zero.

The edge doctor decides therefore to try the educatrice machine hidden, discovering that draft in truth of an immense device invented from the Krell in a position to materializing any object wished with the single thought. The intense use of the machine but kills it, before not to have communicated the discovery to the captain.

The Krell had not held in consideration the danger represented from the subconscio. They considered themselves civilizza you, but their unconscious thoughts have been the cause of the furious destruction of the entire civilization in one night for means of the Great Machine.

Morbius understands therefore to have been the cause of the dead women of the members of the shipment, probably because of its unconscious desire of being the solo to study the machine. Rationally account becomes that the age of the daughter it ports to having relations, but its dark side it has intentional to attack the ship with which it would have gone via in order always. This decides for love to leave the planet although the danger of the machine.

In the final attack the entire energy of the machine is concentrated on the nursery, where Morbius has been closed in order to try to distogliere from the other personages the attention of the creature from materialized he. Here it dies as a result of the effort and to the psychological shock, but before not to have activated the process of autodistruction of the entire planet. It decides to sacrifice itself and to destroy the Machine, too much dangerous for being used from any species whose individuals do not have a total control on the own mind.

In the final scene, the crew finally succeeds to take off from the planet, that he explodes to their shoulders.


The film, the way in which they are introduces its personages to you, represented technology (special alloys, disintegrators) it remembers particularly of . One nose-dive in particular, that it could be draft from this film, includes also one similar vicissitude loving between the captain and one girl.

The author of Star Trek it has admitted in one its biography of to have drawn inspiration also give The forbidden planet.

For the contemporary spectators some of the technologies employed in the small boat space them were interesting, are for the comparison with the real technologies are for the infuence produced on the successive fantascienza.

spaceship it has better not specified system than interstellar propulsion to highest speed, but navigation happens manually. Also the fact that, in the final part of the film, is the Robby robot to guide the ship is one innovation. it postulates that to exceed the speed of the light it is impossible (even if later on have been teorizzate other possibilities, like i ), and to think to guide a ship manually it spaces them seems absurd, in the age of the computers.

An other interesting innovation of the film is the used intercommunicating dispositive small from the crew, that it could have inspired Comunicatore of Star Trek.

The Robby robot has been of animation from more expensive film never constructed to the age and subsequently it was employed also in the film The robot and the Sputnik. It made one small apparition also in the film Gremlins in , visible on the background during one telephone conversation to the encounter of the inventors.

The animated sequences, in particular the attack of the monster, have been created from the veteran of Joshua Meador, lend for the occasion to MGM from the studies of . Curious, the sequence in which appears the shape of the monster has been removed in the destined versions to , probably because thought too much impressive for the minors. The monster remembers the personage of Devil of the Tasmania of i Lonely Tunes.

In the fiction the structures basements of the Krell are realized with one metal-adamantine alloy, used from Morbius in order to construct the protections of its room.

From the film a novel to work was draft of W.J. Stuart. The book regarding the film mainly deepens the vicissitude of the Krell and the relationship between these and Morbius. Various from the cinematographic version, in the book its intelligence is found that Morbius is more times subordinate to the machine, increasing a lot to of la' of the human possibilities, maintaining but its imperfect nature of man unchanged, cause of the end.

The film is an example of Law of Cooper, that it asserts All blot some to them are amplifiers, in this case of the unconscious one of Morbius.

As already mentioned the film it has been influenced from the commedia The Storm Di , but if the weft has very little correspondence, similarities between the personages can instead be found, in particular:

  • Prospero = dottor the Edward Morbius
  • Miranda = Altaira
  • Ariel and Caliban = the Robby robot

Even if correspondence between Ferdinand could appear one and captain John J. The Adams and between Stefano and Trinculo with Cookie, the personages really do not correspond. Other scespiriani personages (Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian) do not have correspondence, while the monster could be inspired to the spirit who acts on Prospero.

A great innovation of the film was the use of music electronic for , composed from Louis and Bebe Barron, that they obtained for this one nomination to.

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