Nec spe nec metu

Stemma di Feltre
Coat of arms of Feltre

Nec spe nec metu (Neither with hope, neither with fear) it is one in that probably it does not have sure source, but, just for meant its it has been used and made just from more persons, groups and institutions.

The source written to which they have referred more is Vitae germanorum iureconsultorum ET politicorum of Melchiore Adam Silesio. There is who assumes that it was one maximum popular of the ancient medicine with various meaning from the main one: Not cure with the single hope, neither with the fear.

It is but possible to trace a parallel (and one probable source) of the locuzione in the oration Post reditum in senatu () of . In it Guide expresses its thanks to the Senate that had recalled it in native land, putting fine to along exile of 18 months, which he had condemned it enemy its acerrimo Clodio. Travelling over again the vicissitudes passages, Guide remembers that to the terror tax from Clodio and its accomplices some magistrates were themselves opposite "quos neque terror nec vis, nec spes nec metus, nec promissa nec minae, nec burlap nec faces to vestra auctoritate, populi Roman dignitate, mea health depellerent ("than neither the terror neither the violence, neither the hope neither the fear, neither the promises neither the threats, neither the crews neither the torches they made to remove from your authority, the dignity of the roman people and from my salvation [Post reditum, 7, 9]).

To level of institutions the maxim appears in the coat of arms of the Common one of Feltre and is the maxim from of 7° the Regiment Alpine that associated it to oldest To excelsa I stretch of . 7° The Regiment between its battalions it had the historian Feltre

To personal level it was the maxim of Isabella d' Este, marchesa of and of Filippo II of Aalst.

The maxim has stimulated authors of like .

The maxim comes sometimes used in official speeches like point of departure from difficult situations. It has entered in the Italian economic world 7 june in the relation of the president Consob Lamberto Cardia illustrating the year of activity of its institution, emphasizing the hard moment and the possibility of escape with courage and serenity.

The phrase used from Cardia has entered and used in the economic world, and resumption more times also from trade-union exponents like maxim for negotiations.

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