Province of Grosseto

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Province of Grosseto
State: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Capoluogo: Grosseto
Common: Directory of i 27 common
Surface: 4.030 km²
- Total
- Density
139.396 ab.
34 ab./km²
Plate: GR
CAP: 58010-58012, 58014-58015, 58017, 58019-58020, 58022-58026, 58031, 58033-58034, 58036-58038, 58042-58045, 58051, 58053-58055
Prefisso tel: 0564, 0566
Code ISTAT: 053
President: Lio Scheggi
Situated institutional

province of Grosseto it is one of the province ofItaly.


Geography and transports

It confines to the west with Tyrrhenian Mar, NOT with Province of Livorno, to N with Province of Pisa, with Province of Siena to OF and with Lazio (Province of Viterbo) to IF. They make part of the province islands of Giglio and Ants of Grosseto infrom Tuscany archipelago. The river Ombrone it crosses the province and sfocia to matting to Mouth of Ombrone to south-east of Grosseto.

Protect naturalistic zones

Natural park of the Fen it is found on the coast, around Mounts of the Uccellina. Other protected zones are the reservoirs biogeneticses Tomboli di Follonica, of Spedaletto Hill and of Scarlino (all and three to 5-10 km give Follonica) and Diaccia Botrona near Castiglione of the Pescaia, also this along the coast. In the entroterra to north of Roccastrada they are found Reservoir Natural The Stone, Reservoir Natural Farma Torrent and Reservoir Natural Belagaio. To east near Castell' Azzara it is found Reservoir Natural Mount Pen. In the center, near Roccalbegna it is found Faunistico park of the Amiata Mount. Amiata Mount (1738 mt) same more to east is found, on the border with province of Siena. To south of Natural park of the Fen, near Orbetello they are foundOasis of protection of Orbetello, Reservoir Natural Lago of Orbetello di Ponente, Reservoir Natural Feniglia Dune and Reservoir Natural Lago of Burano (near Capalbio). Island of Giannutri cosí like a part ofIsland of the Giglio they make part of National park of the From Tuscany Archipelago.

The communication ways

The state road them n. 1 (Via Aurelia) it crosses the province.





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