Understood them: Magonza
Area: 19.8476 km²
Population: 4.063.000 (12/2003)
Density: 204.7 ab./km²
Situated official: HTTP://
Ministro-Presidente: Kurt Beck (SPD)
Left to the government: coalition SPD/FDP

Renania-Palatinato (in German Rheinland-Pfalz) it is one of the 16 Bundesländer of Germany. Surface of 19 occupies one.846 km² and it has 3,9 million inhabitants. Its understood them is Magonza.



The Renania-Palatinato confines with Reno-Westfalia North to north,Assia and Baden-Württemberg to east, (Alsace and Lorena) and to south, and (Vallonia) to the west.

The main axis of the state is the river Reno, than form the border with Baden-Württemberg and Assia to south-east, before sliding along the northern part of the Renania-Palatinato. They of the Reno goes is delimited from montuose chains and forms a fascinating landscape, that she more comprises some of the places meant you of the Germany, from the historical point of view.

In the north-west the southern part of mountains is found ofEifel. More to south the montuosa chain is found ofHunsrück, that it comes continued from that one of Taunus on the opposite side of the Reno.

The collinari lands in the south of the state are said Forest of the Palatinato (Pfälzerwald).

These montuose chains are separated other from the fiscal ones of the Reno: Mosella (Mosel), Lahn and Nahe.

You see also: Directory of places of the Renania-Palatinato.


The Renania-Palatinato is a democracy parliamentarian, Every five years, all the inhabitants over the 18 years eleggono the members of Landtag of the Renania-Palatinato. This regional parliament (or legislatura), elegge therefore premier and the confirmation the members of the cabinet. The Renania-Palatinato is the only Bundesländer to having a ministry for viticoltura.


The Renania-Palatinato is uniform in 24 districts, groups to you in three Regierungsbezirke (administrative regions): Coblenza, Treviri and Rheinhessen-Pfalz.

From , the assets employ it to you and of Bezirksregierungen they form Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion Trier (Direttorato of service and Treviri supervision) and Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektionen (Direttorati structural and of approval) North to Coblenza and Süd to Neustadt. These administrations exercise their authority on the entire state, as an example, ADD Treviri supervision all the schools.


  1. Ahrweiler
  2. Altenkirchen
  3. Alzey-Worms
  4. Bad Dürkheim
  5. Bad Kreuznach
  6. Bernkastel-Wittlich
  7. Birkenfeld
  8. Bitburg-Prüm
  9. Cochem-Zell

  1. Daun
  2. Donnersbergkreis
  3. Germersheim
  4. Kaiserslautern
  5. Kusel
  6. Ludwigshafen
  7. Mainz-Bingen
  8. Mayen-Koblenz

  1. Neuwied
  2. Rhein-Hunsrück
  3. Rhein-Lahn
  4. Südliche Weinstrasse
  5. Südwestpfalz
  6. Trier-Saarburg
  7. Westerwaldkreis

Moreover there are twelve independent cities, than they do not belong to some district:

  1. Frankenthal
  2. Kaiserslautern
  3. Coblenza Koblenz
  4. Landau
  5. Ludwigshafen
  6. Magonza Mainz
  7. Neustadt
  8. Pirmasens
  9. Speyer
  10. Treviri Trier
  11. Worms
  12. Zweibrücken Deux-Ponts


The state of the Renania-Palatinato came instituted in from the fusion of Palatinato Renano with the southern part of the prussiana province of Renania and with parts ofAssia that they are found on the western side of the Reno.

List of Ministri-Presidenti of the Renania-Palatinato

Kurt Beck
  1. : Wilhelm Boden (CDU)
  2. - : Peter Altmeier
  3. - : Helmut Kohl (CDU)
  4. - : Bernhard Vogel (CDU)
  5. - : Carl-Ludwig Wagner (CDU)
  6. - : Rudolf Scharping (SPD)
  7. from : Kurt Beck (SPD)

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