Telepace a television one specialized in transmissions is issuing in directed of important regarding events of religious character Catholicism to the one inside classic. It has begun to transmit in .


History of the issuing one

From Radiopace to Telepace

The birth of Telepace happened nearly for case. In some boys of Cerna, fraction of , center close to a field school of the Diocese of that it was situated to little kilometers in the pineta of , small radio decided to create one: Radiopace.
The radio divenne a issuing continuation in all the Diocese and, in , it was transformed in Telepace.

A crisis moment

A critical moment in the increase of the television - with consequent difficulties financial institutions - was had when decided to transmit instead, that locally, to one sovraregionale dimension. Don I guide Todeschini, the motor of the increase of the television, describes this critical situation in a book of Ambrogio Stirelli from the title it History of Telepace.

From issuing local small TV to international

Nell , Telepace came authorized to approach the papal continuation in the international travels of . It was the consacrazione that made it to slowly become slowly one television of international level.

In , for desire of the same one the center of Telepace Rome was opened: the audience of the Wednesday,Angelus, the Rosary and the celebrations of the pontefice arrive integrally and directly in every house.

With the increase of Telepace they improved also the used technologies: in the main programs in exteriors were resumed with fixed television camera: in less than twenty years the issuing one had arrived to being a television to the vanguard in the use of the best technologies.

From Telepace transmits also via satellite in digita them (Hot Bird II), catching up, the north and . In all its history, Telepace never has not been financed through advertising messages but it has lived exclusively thanks donations or using the words of one slogan: Telepace, that it is voice of who does not have voice, lives of charity for the charity

Giovanni Paul II had one relationship of particular affection with Telepace. In a pastorale visit to Verona, in - two years before the opening of the studies of Rome - the work of this television with the words blessed: I encourage to you to continue on the road of this precious service the man, faithfuls to God and the Church.

From this esortazione Telepace it has opened fixed studies in Italy (Trento, and ) and to the foreign country (Fatima and )

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