Wondefalls it is one American in 13 episodes of 45 minuteren, created they give Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland, of which only 4 episodes have gone in wave between and 1 you open them on the television net Fox. The show, cancelled for lack of listenings, it is however successful to create a niche of it gets passionate to you in America beyond to an excellent reply from part of the critic, like puo' testifying the nomination to the prestigious ones Writers Guild Awards obtained in . In , the series is transmitted gives Sky on the channel Fox.



Jaye Tyler is disincantata and vaguely narcisista a girl of 24 years, that it works like employee in a store of souvenirs to the feet of cascades of the Niagara. Its life changes of blow the day that the girl becomes account of being able to communicate with a variety of inanimati objects that the damage councils (dark and often apparently counter-productive) on like making of the good around himself. The well-off family of the protagonist is composed from the Sharon mother, maldestra and affectively apparently cold even if to way its becoming attached to the daughter, the Darrin father, the timid one and often inascoltata voice of the reason, the Sharon sister, an homosexual lawyer of succeeding that it does not understand Jaye but it always runs to its defense, and the Aaron brother, the only one that convinces itself of ' poteri' of the girl and tries to help it like best puo'. Jaye has moreover a friend of the heart, Mahandra (than often it offers councils to them and a shoulder on which crying), and is in love of the bartender Eric, that it exchanges again the feeling but does not know like managing the stranezze of the girl.



11.01"Wax Lion"Todd Holland, Bryan FullerTodd Holland12 March Fox
21.02"Karma Chameleon"Tim MinearMarita Grabiak19 March Fox
31.03"Wound-Up Penguin"Liz Garci'aTodd Holland26 March Fox
41.04"Pink Flamingos"Aaron Harberts, Gretchen J. BergTodd Holland1 You open them Fox
51.05"Crime Dog"Krista VernoffAllan Kroeker-07-23The Knitting Factory
61.06"Barrel Bear"Tim Minear, Bryan FullerJamie Babbit-10-27Télé-Québec
71.07"Muffin Buffalo"Aaron Harberts, Gretchen BergCraig Zisk-07-23The Knitting Factory
81.08"Lovesick Ass"Dan Fesman, Harry VictorTodd Holland-11-03Télé-Québec
91.09"Safety Canary"Liz Garci'a, Alexander WooPeter Lauer-11-17Télé-Québec
101.10"Lying Pig"Krista Vernoff, Abby GewanterPeter O' Fallon-07-25Comic-with
111.11"Cocktail Bunny"Bryan FullerTodd Holland-07-25Comic-with
121.12"Totem Size"Dan Fesman, Harry VictorJeremy Podeswa-12-08Télé-Québec
131.13"Caged Bird"Krista VernoffMichael Lehmann-12-15Télé-Québec

The future of the series

Even if the creators of "Wonderfalls" had planned the 13 episodes of the first being season like a complete novellistic arc and to if (inasmuch as network the single Americans often commission a season ' corta' of 6 or 13 episodes to the new series, reserving themselves the option to reconfirm or less the program to second of the listenings), the writers of the show had already planned the two years succeeded you of the program. In a contained interview in exited this year, the creators of the program explain that to the beginning of the third season we would have seen Jaye stopped in a clinical one for mentally ill and deduction slices from a shape of ' syndrome of the Salvatore'.


Many fan of show and the lovers of the vicissitudini of the protagonist, always fascinating and always flavored of humor pungente and diamond, have signed situated petitions and created Internet in the attempt (vain) to bring back the program in wave or to convince others networks to acquire it. Taken part the same creators are to the end and have declared to have serenely closed understood it "the Wonderfalls", ringraziando the public and saying themselves however satisfied.

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