Advanced grand strategy

Advanced grand strategy(It is advanced to be, the plug り ゃ く) war simulation game series.

World War II period in stage, Nazis Germany troop is worked,Combined national militaryWith it fights through game. Especially, when there is no note, Mega drive edition advanced grand strategy (advanced grand strategy - the German blitzkrieg -) it is many to point. FurthermoreAdvanced grand strategyWith there are also times when it is called.

Feature of game

BasicSystem softwareCampaign edition of corporationGrand strategyThe system is followed. At the time of scenario end our troop unit which has remained is succeeded basically even in the following scenario. In addition it paralleled to historical fact weapon.

Scenario differs somewhat depending upon the series, but basicThe Polish invasionAnd Spanish civil war, バトルオブブリテン and eastern front、North African frontAnd so on passing, finally it ends with the Berlin fall. As for these scenarios enemy capital city entirely (the number of turns) by, the scenario which captures next with the result of victory or defeat changes. Furthermore the war situation how depending, with historical fact you can accomplish the maneuvers which as a hypothetical scenario when such as the American mainland invasion and the Indian invasion it cannot release, it is.

Even in the series especially Mega drive edition is known with transcendent degree of hardness, setting to the length of think time of the CPU side due to hard restriction, even now has become topic. The ending, World War II victory which once is by the German troop even in Mega drive edition is prepared, but because with it keeps advancing the game normally first it is impossible, also "it is not the game which you imagine experience victory of the Nazis German troop, the game which pursuit you experience interest dying/fleeing of the Nazis German troop" is the extent which is said.

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