Clympia (Greece)


Clympia study of antiquities ruins
( Greece)

Ancient hippodrome mark
(Fame) Archaeological Site of Olympia
(The French name) Site arch 駮 logique de Olympie
Register division Cultural inheritance
Register standard

Cultural inheritance (I) (II) (III) (IV) (VI)

Register year 1989
Extended year
Official sight UNESCO headquarters (English)
オリンピア (ギリシャ)の位置
worldwide heritage templet is used

Clympia( Greek Ο λ υ μ π? αOr オリュンピア) ペロポネソス peninsula west ancient Greece. ancient Olympics was done, presently the ruins exists many. 1989 worldwide heritage.

Table of contents

Ancient clympia

As for start of ancient Olympics B.C. 8 century. When エリス king イフィトス which is troubled with spreading of infectious disease stops the dispute and revives competition meeting is derived from receiving the revelation which is said it is conveyed. In 394 Roman Empire emperor.

Filon world seven wondersZeus imageIt is known by also the fact that it exists. In 1950 age writer paying D ground is discovered near the Zeus sanctuary, the possibility the Zeus image really existing has strengthened.

As for excavation of ruins around clympia in 1829FrenchStudy of antiquities scholarIt was begun to depend. In 19 centuries Germany joins,プラクシテレスIt depends hell female image and the like was discovered. The hippodrome mark is excavated to 20 century middle.

modern OlympicsThe Olympic TorchIn this hippodrome mark the harvesting/adopting fire it is done from reflected heat of the sun making use of the concave mirror. 2004 Athenian Olympics man and woman shotput competition was done with this hippodrome mark.

Present clympia

Present clympia is small town of population 1,500 human remainders. The school and the open space are provided in town. Entering to 20 centuriesSight-seeingBecame important industry of town. The railroad station to be provided in the edge of west of town, clympia -ピルゴスIt is the terminal station of the line.

Worldwide heritage

Zeus sanctuary mark

As for this worldwide heritage, cultural inheritance worldwide heritage register standard, that standard was satisfied, it was considered, could do the register.

  • (I) Those which express the masterpiece of the creative genius of the mankind.
  • (II) Via a certain period, or, in a certain cultural sphere, construction, technology and monument art, in regard to rows of buildings in town plan and the development of view design, those which show the important interchange of value of the mankind.
  • (III) It exists, or, the cultural tradition which disappears, or, civilization, the only, or those which at least become rare evidence.
  • (IV) Important age in history of the mankind are exemplified, the building of a certain type, the building group, remarkable example of accumulation or view of technology.
  • (VI) The occurrence which possesses remarkable universal meaning, tradition, idea and the belief which exist, or, artistic, the literature work and, directly, or, those which it is related clearly.

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