Cinchona val natural park


Cinchona val natural park
( Malaysia)

Cinchona val mountain
(Fame) Kinabalu Park
(The French name) Parc du Kinabalu
Area 753km イ
Register division Natural heritage
Register standard

Natural heritage (II) (IV)

Register year 2000
Extended year
IUCN classification National park (II)
Official sight UNESCO headquarters (English)
worldwide heritage templet is used

Cinchona val natural park(- It does and the ぜ it is like this is to obtain), Borneo island Malaysia territory, the natural park which designates the protection of the mountain limits which center three mountains which include the cinchona val mountain which in the north end is as purpose. In 2000,UNESCO worldwide heritage (natural heritage) it is registered.

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cinchona val mountain

Cinchona val, with the Malayan language as for cinchonaChinaAs for valWidowMeaning. Also legend of Chinese Oji and that widow remains near the cinchona val mountain.

The jungle of the Borneo island is said that it is older than the jungle where it exists in Amazon and the African continent. Because of this inside the park, the peculiar flora and fauna exists to be many. Especially, even the world's largest flower it is saidRafflesiaAs a insectiborous plant famousウツボカズラHas done abiogenesis.

In addition in park vicinity ポ? The phosphorus hot spring (Poring Hot Spring) exists, has become the recuperation facility.

Register standard

As for this worldwide heritage, natural heritage worldwide heritage register standard, that standard was satisfied, it was considered, could do the register.

  • (II) The land, at the time of the evolution and advancing of the fresh water, the coast, and marine ecosystem and flora and fauna crowd, those which are the remarkable sample which shows important ecology and the biological process which are advancing.
  • (IV) For the original integrity of living thing variety, the importance and those which include important natural habitat. With respect to science, or, from viewpoint in regard to integrity, being superior, it includes those where the kind which has a possibility of the extermination which has universal value exists in this.

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