マジカル mystery tour

マジカル mystery tour

  1. 1967 year announcement, Beatles. Presently,DVD in the midst of sale. One timewise Mitsubishi automobile you had adopted with the cover with ワンダーミンツ as CM song.
  2. Upper title tune name. Majority pole マッカートニー work. As for lead/read vocal, pole John レノン. You record even in 1 number of the album.
  3. The same TV movie of the same year saleSound trackBoard. You detail below.

マジカル mystery tour
LP, two groups EP by the Beatles
Release day 1967 year11 month 27 day
Sound recording day Abbey Road
1966 year11 month - 1967 year11 month (LP, CD)
1967 April - November (EP)
genre lock
Time 36 minute 52 second (LP and CD)
19 minute 12 second (EP)
label Parlophone, Capitol, EMI
produce George マーティン
the Beatles chronological table
sergeant ペパーズ lonely ハーツ club band
(1967 year)
マジカル mystery tour
(1967 year)
The the Beatles
(1968 year)

マジカル mystery tour(Magical Mystery Tour) Release it was done in 1967 Beatles. At the beginning, England,EP board 2 groups. Japan. United States of America,? board,LP board. Presently,CD album, it sells with number of the American sale of that time.

Depending, the American board analog album B aspect (the CD latter half section),Blue board(The the Beatles 1967 - 1970) andパスト masters 2With the repetition of number is many.

Table of contents


(It continues, as for number, the order with present CD.)

  1. マジカル mystery tour - MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR(Item 2 reference)
  2. Fool on the hill - THE FOOL ON THE HILL
  3. Flying - FLYING
  4. Blue ジェイ way - BLUE JAY WAY
  5. ユア mother シュッド know - YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW
  6. Eye アム the ウォルラス - I AM THE WALRUS
  • Above, number of original board, and A aspect with American board. Later, B aspect of American board of beginning.
  1. Hello good bi- - HELLO GOODBYE
  2. straw very Fields forever - STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER
  3. Penny lane - PENNY LANE
  4. Baby u アー ア rich man - BABY YOU'RE A RICH MAN
  5. Very love everything - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Sale form in each country

Country Date Label Sale form Catalog number
America 1967 year11 month 27 day Capitol Records Mono LP MAL 2835
stereo LP SMAL 2835
England 1967 year12 month 8 day Parlophone Mono EP MMT 1-2
Stereo double EP SMMT 1-2
England 1976 year11 month 19 day Apple RecordsParlophone LP PCTC 255
Worldwide reissue 1987 year8 month 8 day Apple and Parlophone, EMI CD CDP 7 48062 2
Japan 1998 year3 month 11 day Toshiba EMI CD TOCP 51124
Japan 2004 year1 month 21 day Toshiba EMI Remastered LP TOJP 60144

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