World advanced grand strategy? Game wind of steel iron?

World advanced grand strategy? Game wind of steel iron?' Sega1995 year9 month 22 day Sega Saturn.

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As for this work Mega drive edition advanced grand strategy war simulation game. World War II is designated as the stage are similar to Mega drive edition, but as for the prayer Germany troop, Jipango troop and United States of America troop is largest feature, (the continuation '? Maneuvers file? ' With Soviet federation troop was added.) . In addition, in order that fault of the Mega drive edition that is improved, degree of hardness is too high, substantial shortening and unit in computer side think time (the weapon) simplification is assured. In addition, from this work,3D graphics is used.

Feature of game

This work the other advanced grand strategy series below differing, is a feature.

  • Being able to take charge also the camp other than the German troop in campaign mode (later description)
  • Description of the weapon with 3D グラッフィクス
  • There is no concept "of the capital city", to however plural "headquarters units" exist
  • Introduction "of deformation" concept

Concerning the description of the weapon with 3D グラッフィクス, the aggressive scene as the center completely to 3D it is designed in such a way that it can enjoy the battle which has the force by the weapon which is converted. Especially, can move the aircraft elegantly regarding aerial warfare, skill to do. In addition, in the picture which can refer to the specifications of each weapon, to 3D it is designed in such a way that it can watch the weapon which is converted from all angles, going hand in hand with the 3D graphics of high level, you scratch the interest to the weapon and itself you have become something which is built. In addition in opening demonstration tea moth -、 Yamato andB-29, that quality and the enthusiasm which is sufficient for to flaunt the capability of the game machine of the new generation of that time, were accompanied.

Concerning the concept of "headquarters unit", than that "of the capital city" the strategy of the prayer is closer to correct attack method. As for that, without pointing to transfer of the capital, in the other advanced grand strategy which has "capital city" concept as for "headquarters unit" of this work in addition to striking, as for infantry independent capture because almost it is impossible, as for the prayer politely each one it is derived from being necessary to keep defeating "headquarters unit" from the fact that many guard units are attended vis-a-vis often being able to use infantry independent occupation conduct to the transfer of the capital object city as the odd step which sets up short-term decisive battle. However, when one "headquarters unit" is defeated as the system because it has meant to destroy, as a degree of hardness of the game on the other hand it has gone down also there is no not calling the unit of that follower.

Concerning "deformation" concept, it has contributed to the simplification of unit and the decrease of degree of hardness of the game substantially. This those which was (the opposite), "it can become deformed" in a state where the motorization infantry and various towed artillery etc. have been loaded onto the track/truck and the like, the necessity because of this to hold the unit for transport of track/truck and the like in the hand scene was gone. In addition, after on-board ones were lowered, in only the simply mark the unit for transport which it does not pass in the infantry and the towed artillery "deformation" what can be able to point is, without being necessary to apply excessive unit to those defenses from the fact that it is not necessary to be troubled to the airlift of transport unit, it has contributed to making the burden of the prayer decrease. Furthermore, in addition, as for object unit it has become possible after the moving, "to become deformed", assistance you have bought to also the construction of the quick strategy of the prayer.

About each camp of the Japanese-German United States

The above-mentioned sort, with this work as for the prayer it is designed in such a way that it can take charge of each camp of the Japanese-German United States in campaign mode. Because of this, with this work it is designed in such a way that it can enjoy the World War II other than point of view of the German troop. Furthermore, the feature in each camp is as follows.

Note:In composition of later workIs included.

The United States of America troop

In the Pacific Ocean Japan troop. At the beginning with the weapon whose efficiency of the wildcat and the like is bad Zero fighter and the like because, you can think at first glance difficultly, but because unit can be produced one after another with preponderant fund, to tell the truth in all camp considerably it is simple one. It is possible to select toward Japan game and anti- German game midway, but choosing whichever, if one after another, it continues to produce unit, it is possible to overcome at physical quantity. When aerial fortress B-29 becomes production possible, it reaches the point where it can bomb the city of partner country thoroughly, with this partner country even production it is possible to be able to drive to impossible state. Furthermore, with this scenario, the bulge swaying, climate is set to the tropical region (the weather and so on does not become bad), has become profitable constitution strangely in the US military.

From these things, degree of hardness in this work is for the beginners' class person.

The German troop

Suddenly, it is started from the French capture game, battle of ブリテン、 German-Russian War and the hurrying foot. Spanish civil war and Poland and north European invasion does not exist. The importance to be, victory is possible the opening when it is necessary to exceed with the unit whose experience values are few to バトルオブブリテン of especially 2nd game whether or not after that influences development (in this victory to do, if it can capture also Moscow, it becomes the American invasion scenario). In opening because overland unit is meager in comparison with the foreign country, how it succeeds the blitzkrieg by the bomber, it has become the key to victory. But when it becomes great war final periodMe262 and the Jagdpanzer pan tar (development it depends but) it becomes in large quantities possession possible to on also that, assuming, that it advanced to the German defeat scenario, it becomes the development which overwhelms the U.S.-Soviet allied forces.






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