Triple f m broadcast

Triple f m broadcast corporationBeing visible you obtain and increase む one so) Mie prefecture Tsu cityBroadcast object areaWith it does broadcasting station. As for term of endearmentRadio CUBE FM triple(レディオキューブ f m to be visible) with, as for call sign JONU-FM.JFN series.

It is independent bureauFM ヨコハマInside thing and the satisfactory reception area whose establishment half year or more is quicker Aichi prefecture is included, from establishment as for about 10 years,B line Japan f m network production, adjoinsFM AICHI was assured. The respective company production ratio of the noon of evening metallurgy day of the week weekend especially to be high from this name remainder (because of that, the program of JFN is not done several point nets the net of those which have been doneTOKYO FMProgram exists), Gifu, Wakayama the listener outside Mie prefecture it is many from the fact that the listening possible area is wide satisfactorily.

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  • 1984 year4 month 3 day - Company establishment
  • 1985 year6 month 1 day - Nationwide 16th in establishment.
  • 2005April - new station name "radio CUBE" enactment.

Frequency transmission output

  • Tsu - 78.9MHz and output 3kW
  • Owase - 804MHz
  • Hokusei - 85.0MHz
  • Nabari - 85.5MHz
  • Toba - 83.2MHz
  • Omiya - 83.2MHz
  • Miyagawa - 84.9MHz
  • Kumano - 85.7MHz
  • Isobe - 78.1C$mHz

Main program

The nationwide net program of TOKYO FM which is not broadcast

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