Planet of earthtype

Planet of earthtype(ちcoming ゅ う abnormal play framework consequence) with, as for mean density approximately 4g/cm3There is a nucleus which is larger, designates the iron as the main component on the center, with thing of the planet which the mantle has surrounded around that, earth planet.

Conversely to be larger than the earth thing of the planet whose density is lowJupiter type planetWith you say.

Formation of planet of earthtype

solar system originally outer space space hydrogen helium gas and the interstellar substance to get together with some opportunity, each other gravitation, it is said that it starts from the fact that it starts winding the eddy. According to the theory, gets together on the Tokinaka middle the cloud of the big gaseous hydrogen which afterwards sun. The solar system nebula of thin disk condition was formed around that sun. In the other part of the eddy, Chile colliding uniting, while the planetoid which is produced furthermore repeating collision uniting, the planet grew to present size. Eventually from the sunUltraviolet rayAnd solar wind and was thrown and became without finally. Is not the case that everything you blow the gas and are thrown, Pluto. In inside solar system as for the planet of earthtype Mercury、 Venus and earth, Mars.

Solar system track, consists the substance whose density is high, is hard, is something which is called the planet of earthtype. asteroid territory.

Confronting, from the asteroid territory outside Jupiter Neptune in each case is the Jupiter type planet.

As for Pluto, rather than with theory of recent years calling the planet, furthermore the celestial group outside,カイパーベルト celestial bodyThat it is thought whether it is not something which belongs.


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