Shogi grand prix

Shogi grand prix(It does and the ょ う ぎ wants and the ょ う) Every year achievement was leftShogiProfessional go playerIt is the prize which is given. As for 1st commendation1975(Showa49 years) it was done.

It deals with the record of the preceding year, most excellent professional go player prize and special prize, victory ratio first rank, the most numerous victory prize, the most numerous go/shogi prize, successive win prize, outstanding performance prize, fighting spirit prize, technique prize, new member prize, female prize and Tokyo reporter prize, sho there is a rice field happiness three prize.

Other than of the prize regarding record is decided by the selection member, the pattern is published ' to the shogi worldwide ' magazine.

Furthermore, as for year of prize below being the year when you are awarded, as for those where you are selected it is recording and participating in the preceding year. (In other words, the 30th prize winning is 2003, but recording and participating 2002 are the object of selection)

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Most excellent professional go player prize

It is the prize where is given to the professional go player who thinks that most it participated true to its name, via 1 year.TitleThere is many a thing where challenge and capture are appraised.

Sho rice field happiness three prize

Sho rice field happiness three prize(It increases, is, like this, the う it does, the ょ う) At one of shogi grand prix, it is given to the fresh force and the professional go player who pointed to excellent move.1995(Heisei7 years, 22nd) establishment.

"Fresh force lifetime" was designated as inscription on the seat rightSho rice field happiness threeBeing associated with name, it was enacted. As for the professional go player whom you are awardedFujii systemFujii superAnd,Sidestep taking △ 8 five flyingStrategyWithdrawing truthAnd so on it is.2004With 31st shogi grand prix,Tateisi victory 巳Flying car between Tateisi style fourAs アマ with sho rice field happiness three prize (special prize) you were awarded for the first time.

Sho rice field happiness three prize successive prize-winner

The prize regarding record

Each prize of victory ratio first rank most numerous victory most numerous go/shogi successive win is decided purely at only numerical value.

As for until now monopolizing these 4 prizesVirtue Osamu HanyuOnly (4 times 1989-1990 year,1993 year,2001 year) is. The fact that you have been awarded this 4 prize everything in other things in Nakahara genuine (1974 victory ratio successive win is just victory go/shogi) in,1983.

3 prize simultaneous past

Has achieved.

As for many prize-winners being present with successive win prize 1977,Oyama healthy clearKato 123Forest? TwoTsubouchi interest happinessTakehiko Tanaka5 people are prize-winning, (10 successive wins).

Successive highest record of each prize

  • The highest victory ratio Nakahara sincerity (855 1998)
  • Virtue Osamu the most numerous victory Hanyu (68 victories 2001)
  • Virtue Osamu the most numerous go/shogi Hanyu (89 bureaus 2001)
  • Hirosi most numerous successive win Kamiya (28 successive wins 1988)

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