Girl nude photograph collection

Girl nude photograph collection(The Shoji ょ nude plain gauze grommet palpus う), literally the girl (under 18 years old) the photograph work which designates the nude as subject. In Japan it was published from the sixties, but1999 yearChild pornographic methodIt stopped also publication circulation due to excluding extremely part.

Table of contents

To the seventies

End of the seventies being opening of boom of the Japanese girl nude photograph, existence those which are present are little before the that, it has not been done the pornography catching at the same time like rear year.

As for girl nude photograph collection in Japan1969 yearKazuo KenmotuThe myth of photographing ' ニンフェット 12 year old ' (the Nobel publishing) it makes beginning. As for photograph with black subject, as for model the Umehara multi pictures of 12 years old, Umehara. After that, the same book is reprinted the myth of 1970 ' 12 years old ' (Nobel publishing), the myth of 1977/78 year new equipment edition ' エウロペ 12 year old ' (bronze corporation) with changing name. As for sentence high peak 秀 child. ナチュリズム feeling appeared in the front with the magnanimous nude in the nature, it was little potato of the eros element. Originally Kenmotu abortion problem, sex education, young people drug problem, in 1968 of preceding year from the Nobel publishing ' the guidance to maturity: As the Swedish sex education ' understood from the fact that it has published, this photograph collection rather than calling the girl at the beginning, as a sexual object, it was published with the context, characteristic release to the last. In following 1970 ' star proton photo romanesque first love 16 year old ' Ogawa Katsuhisa photographing, has come out from the Nobel publishing.

1971 year, ' the girl in light ' with Oyama Kenichi photographing was published from the first mansion publishing the sub- Tsu 佐 on large of 11 years old as a model. After all, it is the naturalism nude, but everyday the newspaper the full page advertisement photograph (1971 October 29th) by the fact that it comes out in topic. The top of large with long friend Kenji's photographing appears even in the gravure "of the commonplace punch" 1971 November 1st number. Furthermore, everyday as for opinion announcement of the newspaper with the nude on large "as for her still 11 years old. How you are brought up, probably will be, comment with society of sex sex sex "is acquired. The girl nude like whether it is symbol of the fault "characteristic" which resists to that of, behaved vis-a-vis the inundation of characteristic of the adult society which is thought "excess". Appearance on large called social echo, was picked up to also the other magazine and the like. Nagai it is great ' ハレンチ school ' disturbance, it became circumstance occurrence of that time when it goes round "the characteristic of the child".

1973 year、Sawatari new moonIt is due to photographing, ' girl Alice ' (the river coming out publishing new corporation) publishes. Like on Umehara and large natural purity those which were pushed out heterogeneity, epoch making were the work. The girl of the blonde that the model of 8 years old, it returned in the audition and threw kiss occasion and passedサマンサUsing, London suburb, Lewis carol『 wonder ' in the fantastic atmosphere which is made motif, it expresses the girl the fetish as an object aestheticism, becomes the immortal masterpiece. Poem瀧 oral repairWith mountain stream Siyuntarou has written. Sawatari the continuation which takes サマンサ of 6 years later, ' the girl who comes from the ALICE FROM THE SEA sea ' (the river being present publishing new corporation) has published in 1979. These Sawatari works not only the man were high appraised to the buyer of the woman as artistic.

At this time, as a gravure of the magazine,1975 year with ソフトエロチズム "of the girl normal" it became popularity Sasayama period trust photographing (1974 foundation) the Asida of 13 years old is fragrant the twig grass Kumi's of the nude and 11 years old semi nude is published to the gravure, (1975 year8 month 14 day number). Vis-a-vis this Asahi newspaper publishes the girl nude, one case that occurred you criticize. The entertainment professional is exposed with the reason that next year, it dispatched the minor nude model. This "intense copying" stopped using the model under 18 years old in opportunity.

In 1977, to that "Venus '74 spreading/displaying" ( Poland international art photograph association 1974) and with "worldwide photograph spreading/displaying" (German Stern corporation superintendence 1972) being awarded photograph prize, the female photographer which internationally participated it is clear Ziyunko Oka, first girl nude photograph collection ' saintly girl Nymph in the Bloom of Life ' (フジアート publication,Fujimoto justice oneThe sentence) it published. It follows to that in 1979 and ' the girl saintly girl part 2 like the aster "' ( Ikeda sentence) it publishes. It is clear, Oka from here extending through eighties like every year puts out photograph collection, the multi works becomes the girl nude photographer with the naturalism style which makes field photographing proud.

Seventies ends to become the starting point where the Japanese girl nude faces mass production, start time "of ロリータブーム". EspeciallyKiyoshi IshikawaThe repeated cultivation which takes the white girl whose Europe is beautiful calls topic. ' プチフェ: The small fairies of Europe ' (1979) from, ' fairy ソフィ of love ' (1980), furthermoreForest 茉 莉Composition was written, ' fairy ソフィ ' (1981), "like the doll the glue it is good", one field was developed シュールレアル with charm.

1979年には山木隆夫撮影『LITTLE PRETENDERS 小さなおすまし屋さんたち』(ミリオン出版)が出版され、多くの一般書店に並んだことも重要な事件であった。本書は実売数万部と言われ、この種の写真集の需要が立証されることになった。これ以降80年代のブームにかけて写真集の購入者層は男性中心に広がりを見せ、しばしば芸術的な表現よりも性器の露出など性愛的な刺激の強いものを求める傾向も生じた。82年には山木『LITTLE PRETENDERS Forever』が出版されている。





大渕静樹(大舞地静樹)は、石川洋司に続き主にヨーロッパの幼少女を妖精的なイメージで取った写真家。石川のような美的な表現よりも、刺激の強いものが多く、その足跡は1980年『白夜の少女ティナ』(徳間書店)から、 83年『妖精伝説 ヨーロッパの天使たち』、84年『ロリコンTHEワールド 欧州撮り歩き』までの一連の作品に見ることができる。





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  • プチトマト15 洋子 84年1月25日
  • プチトマト14 薫 83年12月30日
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  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『中嶋さとみ「おとなしいけど…」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『野口洋子13歳「君といつまでも」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『川崎ありさ13歳・山崎れいな14歳「瞳きらめいて」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『青田真紀「春一番」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDE写真集『浅川未樹「思い出の放課後」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『佐野雪乃「願いをかなえて」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『沢村薫14歳「恥ずかしいけど」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『宮内まなみ「こんなの初めて」』
  • KUROKAGE・美少女NUDEシリーズ『高山広美「甘えていいの?」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『麻生つかさ「待ち遠しいな」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『吉野杏里「教えてくれる?」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『岸本亜衣「我慢できるの?」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『麻生せりな「仔猫のように」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『武藤ちひろ「もっと教えて」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『武田あおい「初めての経験」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『阿部みさと「放課後の冒険」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『前田ひかり「誰よりも愛しく」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『比嘉えみり「貴方が知りたい」』
  • KUROKAGE・SPECIAL(美少女)COLLECTION『伊藤梨緒菜「小さなメロディ」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『夏川あい「愛を抱きしめて」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『宮沢はるか「少しだけ片思い」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『小原ふみえ「空を飛べたら」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『早川くらら「おちゃめなトマト」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『三浦美咲「風のささやき」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『西田ひとみ「ちっちゃな太陽」』
  • KUROKAGE・超A級美少女アイドルCLUB『渡瀬ゆかり「ギュッと抱きしめて」』
  • KUROKAGE撮影『佐藤絵理香「ERIKA」』
  • KUROKAGE撮影『稲森麗奈「REINA」』
  • KUROKAGE撮影『河村みさお「魔法をかけて」』


  • 豪華版「ロリータ MY LOVE 」SMマニア6月号増刊 /撮影:会田我路、樹水駿、近藤昌良、他 

(三和出版) 1983年6月15日発行

  • LOLITA Part2 (都市と生活社) 昭和57年6月1日初版発行


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