Interstellar gas

Interstellar gas(The consequence can gas, Interstellar gas), it drifts to the outer space hydrogen and helium as subject. The density is thin ones which per 1 cube cm the hydrogen atom says the several evenly, but if it accumulates to high density, nebula fixed star is born.

The outer space is thought, like a vacuum state where the substance does not exist completely, but really, in the whole the little "Interstellar substance"With the substance which is called has drifted. They are very thin ones of the extent which than the vacuum which can be achieved at the terrestrial laboratory altitude, almost is much equal to the absolute vacuum, but the gross of the interstellar substance which exists in the space between the star 々 discernibly fixed star and planet and the like.

Interstellar gas, cosmic dust it is one kind of interstellar substance, but heavily the cosmic dust which is the solid particulate which consists of the element it is distinguished. As for mass ratio of interstellar substance, hydrogen approximately 70%, helium from approximately 30%, remainderSiliconCarbon iron and the like. These the element to become the cosmic dust heavily, therefore as for abundance ratio the interstellar gas is more preponderantly. As for interstellar gas, neutral gaseous hydrogen and ionization hydrogen territory (HII territory)、Supernova wreckageAnd planetary nebula、 absorption nebula、 diffuse nebula、Molecular cloudIt is observed and so on as.

galaxy, the central nucleus ( bulge) And disk ( disk) We are intensive on the Milky Way surface, the whole galaxy spherically surroundHaloBarely it has been distributed.

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