Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir pul D maze equipping Putin (? ? ? $$ln 1952 years 10 month 7th -) Russia President. 2000 years until currently President Jig first it is.


Leningrad (present At thu phey reel lu father lu khu) From 15 year for to be born KGBFrom (committee for state security) it works, 1998 years KGBIt inaugurated with the director of a bureau of Hoo Sin In FSB (russian federation security country). 1999 years Boris Yel it hitBy it becomes distinction with the prime minister and that it does, 12 month 31st Yel it hit and this it resigned and President Jig it substituted. Next year 3 month 26th from the formal grand election which is opened it was elected with 2nd President of Russia. 2004 years 3 month 14th the overwhelming ticket roadway it was selected a second time.

Putin President being in office hour Body cheyn Against the rebel troops the one side which writes Kanggyong book bells loose, Ukraine backs nine Soviet Union federation. But stump Ji Oh! Ukraine and the western government which it hits entered and Russia does not put on did comes to make narrow. The body cheyn the warfare becomes the internal organs anger, 2004 years bodies cheyn it depended to the terrorists who are The hemp cloth sul is and the quality situationIt meets it did. American leading Republic of Iraq invasions.

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