bunker oil

bunker oil is are refuelled that planes and sea ships a port or airport. With to bunker then refuelling this fuel becomes meant. Means figuratively (te) much bunker to eat. The spot where bunker oil is taken hot bunker station. Bunkering takes place frequently simultaneously with loading and unloading the freight of the ship.

Bunkering a ship or plane must rapidly happen, because it consumes much fuel. A pump capacity of 60 m.³ per hour for bunkering a ship is not unusual.

To bunker happens also sailing, using bunker ships.

There several types of bunker oil, which, exist distinguishes become by means of , that enormous can run, of for example 60 up to 380 ST. The standardised temperature where viscosity becomes is measured 15 °C

Dangers and clogging

A risk at bunkering is that the tank touches overvuld, and that bunker oil overflows and in rightly come.

Especially for ships bunker oil has been a lot polluted, because it much contain. In treaty of Kyoto to be the greenhouse gases which are released by the usage excluded of bunker oil as yet. It concerns, however, considerable quantities, both sea ships and aviation use enormous quantities energy and produce as a result much CO2


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