Klaus kinkel

Klaus kinkel

Klaus kinkel ( (), ) are politician, belonging to (FDP).

Kinkel was federal minister for justice of to , afterwards to Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and vice-chancellor. Of to were he tevens President of the FDP.


Training, profession, family

Klaus kinkel grow in (). There he completes its middle training in to the local Staatsgymnasium. Afterwards he follows university training in rights to the universities of , and , which he with 2nd Jura-Staatsexamen wind up. During its student years he becomes member of the prominent catholic student association a.V. Guestfalia Tübingen in . obtain he the doctortitel (Dr. jur.) with its thesisThose Lehre von Popitz für which Gestaltung of the gemeindlichen Finanzausgleichs".

After its studies its career as a civil servant starts in government. In change he to the association ministry of home affairs. Here he is of to personal secretary of the minister , finally LEADER of the ministerial office. Then Genscher take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs kinkel follows, and becomes head of the ' Leitungsstab ' und head of the ' Planungsstab '.

Klaus kinkel have married catholic, and have three children.

In the party

In become kinkel member of . Of June up to June are he association President of the party. Under its chairmanship take place 14 association - and regional elections, where lose the FDP bitter suffers: at twelve landtagverkiezingen the FDP came concerning the 5% borders, and in the parliaments has therefore not been represented. After its President mandate kinkel puts itself thus no longer herverkiesbaar..

In the association day

Of to are he delegated in the association day, of to tevens Vice-President of Fdp-fractie.

Mandates and functions

Of to are he President of Bundesnachrichtendienst (national information service). In October he is appointed as a State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice. After the association day elections of become he as a federal minister of justice in by chancellor conducted government veredigd. When Hans-Dietrich Genscher terugtreedt as a Minister for Foreign Affairs take over kinkel this function. When thus still Jürgen Möllemann if vice-chancellor takes dismissal, he becomes vice-chancellor. After for CDU/ verlorene elections of disappear kinkel on from the national government, and are succeeded of Bündnis 90 those Grünen.

Since exercise Klaus kinkel the profession of advokaat, and have among others as a constituent.


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