October 2004

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  • - Premium communicate in a televisie-interview which its voetinfectie have been life-threatening.
  • - In secret takes place already some days topopverleg between representatives of the cabinet and . An agreement seems ophanden.
  • - The left candidate Tabaré Vázquez of the broad front wins elections for .

  • - threaten in a video message transmitted by al-Jazeera with new terreuraanslagen.

  • / - of the countries of the European Union income today for the signature of . The law becomes just effective if he by the Member States ratified is.
  • - have left to for a medical treatment to its flatulence.
  • - Strike of

  • , - In Florida is about 60.000 voice forms lost in the mail. Observers identified already earlier wrong scores. The authorities promise new forms.

  • - The health of Jasser Arafat deteriorates rapidly. Arafat have several complaints to its . and doctors travel to its head office . Woman also its seems underway.
  • - The aimed at new President of , , will modify its commission. He has said this after clear had become that a majority of against the new commission would vote.
  • / - (NBV) are presented . Modern language has been used and has been reverted on original and texts.
  • / - Switzerland signs with the EU a treaty concerning joining Treaty of Schengen. Switzerland is and third niet-EU-land that toetreedt. (EUobserver.com)

  • Washington DC, / - For 18:44 Dutch times Cassini space probe to be first voorbijvlucht of make. On 3 July came Cassini already in the buurt on 800.000 kilometres. This time on a distance of 1.200 kilometres are flown. On 27 October 18:00 the first photograph is expected. Nasa
  • - In Iraq become by Army of Ansar al-Sunnah 11 Iraqi soldiers taken hostage. The group threatens with larger action such as the Americans and Iraqis continue with the planned conquest of .
  • - 78 arrested of the protesterenden in pass asphyxiation and vertrapping in legertrucks for living. According to premier are this the debt of the army but come this because had people weak.
  • - have agreed with plan for release from . have indeed voted in favour but required referendum concerning the subject. A minister and a onderminister of , that against the release voted, were dismissed.
  • - correspond for beside gezichtsherkenning also finger impression in new to take. ([ 1 ])
  • - President is Ali has been red-elect with 95% of the votes. Its party, the RCD, won 80% of the votes. The progressive democratic party withdrew himself Thursday because of alleged fraud. Have been Ali has been to the power since 1987.

  • - Of a military complex at south of Bagdad proves to be after the fall of (9 April ) about 350 barrels to have stolen.
  • - At protests of 3.000 Moslems around a police force station in branch Bai district in come six Moslems for living. Many Protestants are arrested.

  • - As a result of in Japan with strength 6.8 on deaths more than 30 people.
  • - 49 new of the Iraqi army are lured in a ambush and are vervolgens shot down partisans of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

  • / - refuse provisionally cooperate in Iraqi special tribunal, that members of Ba'ath- regime must try will. Most important objection is that the tribunal on can lay.
  • - At on an Iraqi army basis come certain consider people for.
  • - A group of hundreds militant of Islamic maintaining front has Western attacked in Jakarta. It is the zoveelste incident in a range.
  • / - In the Serbian republic Kosovo become elections kept. Democratic liga of Kosovo of Ibrahim Rugova , but obtained no absolute majority won.

  • / - High officials of army say that the number of insurrectionists of this way 8.000 à 20.000 persons amounts to, higher than they initially thought. Also the quantity money which they have to their arrangement has been thought larger than.
  • - The Russian parliament, , have agreed with the ratification of . Because of this the treaty can become effective officially.

  • - , that more earlier this month by were conquered on the insurrectionists, exploded where ten persons are killed.
  • - , at meet diplomats of , and the head of security service for nuclear technology to talk. Iran becomes there of suspected nuclear weapons to develop.
  • - vijf-sterren Amstel hotel it has been clearred after the discovery of legionellabacteriën in the water control.
  • - Tokage rages concerning Japan and kills at least 66 persons. It is the deadliest hurricane in years.

  • - Princess maxima today its first meeting has at attended. The princess has meeting in Council but is not member, what means that them spreekrecht has, but none voting right.
  • - The United States contend with a serious shortage to vaccinaties against . About 90 million the elderly and children runs be contaminated risk deadly.
  • - The municipality Council of have of greenness-left adopted to establish a parkeerverbod in the binnenstad of nijmegen for cars which are broader than 1.85 meter. The aim of this prohibition is for large area carriages and SUVs to keep out.

  • - Several give to that the premier of (also frequently birma called) have got house judgment and a quiet revolution has possibly taken place.
  • / - President and the Iraqi interim government rejected a proposal of for peacekeeping force on behalf of to send.
  • / - The United Kingdom will agree probably with moving its troops to rebellious around at the request of .
  • - At the regional file at become the day book of offered. This 18 person whose birthday it is little girl wrote during its stay in camp Vught for a month a day book for a friend. Helga csdane were transmitted to Sobibor and were assassinated there.

  • - speak Erik o. free. O. were suspicious of shooting during a plundering.
  • - In thirty are meanwhile started in so-called early vote- process.
  • - raffle 7 millions euro at an extra drawing for the ere of the 70-one year old existence. There is for a record amount of 21.049.978 euro used.

  • - A part of landed today on a bldg. in the province Sichuan. The bldg. was devastated entirely, but was no gewonden.
  • - Close end up 5 young people Zeewolde, in the age of 17 up to 22 years, for living at a car accident.
  • - army include insurrectionists Falluja slowly. terrorist LEADER Abu Musab al-Zarqawi explains on marry partisan of to be.
  • - In referendum becomes amendment to the constitution carried out, that it makes possible that sitting president longer to can remain. International observers speak of fraud.

  • / - The Dutch Member of Parliament oaths () and () and the Spanish member of Parliament Jorge Moragas (Partido Popular) pay a very short visit to cuba to speak there with dissidents. In contrast to the two Dutch Moragas kondigde before the visit, in a meeting of the Spanish parliament, already clear to what he was in cuba of plan. Even if are arrested on the fly field three, and the directly country turned off. As a result of this incident the cuban ambassador on the matje is called at minister Bot.
  • - On near touch a large number of cars in a slip by still unknown cause, as a result of a still unexplained sudden gladheid.
  • - Accidentally by the Máxima medical centre in end courts the files of 24 patients are put at the refuse.
  • - Minister have opened.
  • - The last original boô, Wilmsboô in Nieuw-Schoonebeek (1640), burns down flat for middernacht.

  • - After a stay of largely a month premier can leave the hospital.
  • - Satellite pictures of appear that the Netherlands contends with most serious air pollution in the world.
  • For a large part of start today the timetime time, . For a smaller part the ramadan starts a day later.

They stink

  • , - In Arizona keep and their third and last debate. According to surveys Kerry win the debate.
  • - By a strike at NS it lies in the complete country quiet.
  • - Six come for at several attacks of .
  • In become the new king as a continuator of its father .

  • - interim interim-premier threaten with a complete attack on as citizens itself there being in hiding Abu Musab al-Zarqawi do not extradite.

  • - Moussa Arafat, a cousin of and of corruption veiligheidschef suspected in , survive an attack with .

  • - On 62 person whose birthday it is age is the oud-minister of justice and the former premier of died.
  • , - , that broke through with its role as , have died on 52 person whose birthday it is age.
  • - go to Edward Prescott and Finn Kydland for their contribution to the dynamic macro economy.
  • - By the start of four days' remain aardolieprijs to increase. A barrel European Brent-olie costs approximately $50.
  • - Partisans of Moqtada al-Sadr to hand in their weapons. In ruil they get amnesty and are caught members released.
  • reject the voorsel of president to negotiate concerning peace. China finds the offer too vague.
  • - the EU lifts the ban to , but maintain that prohibition for .

9 October

  • - French die on 74 person whose birthday it is age to
  • - The centrum-rechtse party of sitting are again preferred.
  • - For the first time direct presidential elections in afghanistan take place. seem make for on a victory, already all other candidates refuse recognise the result of the elections because of alleged fraude.
  • Missouri, VS - George W. Bush en John Kerry treffen elkaar voor het tweede debat tijdens de campagne van de amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen van 2004.
  • Servië en Montenegro - The government provides Bosnian-servische-Serbian Ljubisa Beara, that was responsible for drama of Srebrenica, to Yugoslavia tribunal.

8 October

  • - Brussels becomes nurse arrested on suspicion of assassinating 19 .
  • - environment activist win .
  • - In three bathing resorts to Golf of Aqaba in are exploded, where at least 35 persons have perished. In the touched hotels especially much were tourists present.
  • - European Council of Ministers van Transport decision for the setting-up of one jointly European .

7 October

  • - of Cambodge, , do distance of the throne. Probable its zoon prince Norodom Ranariddh him later succeeds.
  • - At passing convoy in Iraq one bomb, one soldier are exploded slightly wounded.
  • - schrijfster receive .

6 October

  • - The two candidates for the function of vice-president, and debate with each other. There is no clear winner of the debate.
  • - publish its report concerning the possible accession of to and recommend that negotiations with Turkey about this can start.
  • Washington DC, - Iraq survey Group, the government working party which to zocht , conclude that none of such weapons present was in Iraq.
  • - chemistry go to Aaron Chiachanover and Avrim Herschoko and Irwin Rose, for study into the afbraak of in cell.

5 October

4 October

  • - lay at night quiet. After inspection nothing was found.
  • - Two explode in .
  • Washington DC, - (SS1) win Ansari X-Prize of 10 millions reach dollar, for twice within certain time of with same the vessel.
  • - return to , after rather the fractie in had decided make oneself loose of the party.

3 October

  • - In the northeast states Nagaland and commit onafhankelijkheidsstrijders several attacks, where at least 56 persons perish.
  • - In French its Sunday 20 - The Kampuchean government and close an agreement concerning tribunal that - To estimate demonstrate wide 200.000 people against the plans of . demonstration it has been organised by the platform Time the tij and .
  • - The Palestinian authority calls in as a result of in the gazastrook, and other places.
  • / - have decided for 5.900 and to Congo to send.

1 October

  • - The first debate for find and . Surveys indicate that Kerry are considered as a winner of the debate.
  • - army sail in an action , that by are dominated, where say 80 insurrectionists to own are killed. According to local come at least 20 citizens for.


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