República del Perú

: Somos libres, seámoslo siempre


Official country language Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Roman Catholic

-% water
1.285.220 km²

30 millions
Currency sol (PEN)
UTC -5
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Peru is a country to the west coast of and are limited Ecuador and in the north, in the east, in the east and south, in the south and in the west.



For the arrival of conquerors was peru the heart of rich of , of which Cuzco the capital was. Between the conquest and independence became the country controlled. As from that time peru alternatively military and citizen governments were controlled. Also dictators and democratic governments varied each other. From 1864 up to 1866 peru has conducted war with Spain concerning Peruvian gunao-eilanden. Spain had occupied, as it happens, one of these islands, but year was peru it not once. In this war peru won, thanks to the aid of ecuador, bolivia and Chile. Peru has also with war conducted and . Chile invaded, as it happens, the coast counterfoil of peru and occupied the desert, where much precious salt to find was. Peru lost this war and had two provinces to Chile cede.


  • : sugar sheer, coffee, rijst, maïs, cotton, coca
  • : anchovy, fish flour (well for 24% of the export)
  • minerals: purchaser, zinc, gold, zilver, crude
  • industry: textile, foodstuffs, chemistry, metal


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By its rich history and alternating landscape has to a lot of offer curiosities, of which some are world-famous to peru.

In the middle of in the desert lie a number of secular character drawings in sand. These characters are see only from air well and it is until now a riddle for which and these characters are how then made.

If capital of peru has lima of course much interesting museums which can become visited. A confessed museum is the gold museum, in which several objects of old indianenculturen and a lot of gouden objects being to see.

Near the coast of peru lie ballestas islands. These islands become frequently visited sea lions and are certainly the effort of a visit worth.

The hoogvlakte of peru is about 4 up to 6 kilometres high. Because of this air is more ijler a piece and it is there also not this way warm. Against the altitude sickness the Peruvians cocabladeren chew. These cocabladeren can be moreover also used as a basis for the drug cocaine.

At some places is (if you have luck) condors to see.

Peru has a very alternating landscape. On the one hand there is the desert to the coast, on the other side are the hoogvlaktes, but also have peru tropical rain forests there. Concerning the left terrorist organisations in the north, becomes that rain forest not visited tourists. What, however, visited can become, is the park Maldonado.

This more is highest navigable more in the world. In former days lived on the this more Uros - indianen on sheers small islands, nowadays stay they there mainly for the tourists.

This is one of the world wonders. These Inca-nederzetting have never discovered the spanjaarden, because these this way well verscholen lay in the mounts.

Cuzco were the former capital of the Inca's. The original plan had the form of a poema with as head the temples of Saczayhuaman. The spanjaarden the Inca have mainly destroyed bldg., but many bases are still used for more recent bldg.. Intriguing is, that the Inca's used large ongelijkvormige rock block-systems, which they piled up seamless and without use of cement on each other.

In the immediacy of Cuzco is a lot of old saint place, of which Sacsayhuamán ("sexy woman" for tourists) most known are. This temple complex, have entirely been with gold dressed.

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