Richard von Weizsäcker

Richard Karl Freiherr von Weizsäcker ( ) are considered as sixth as of the most important presidents of postwar .

He was from 1984 up to 1994 president of the Federal Republic of Germany and after the fall of of the united Germany. To be speech during 40e the anniversary of the end of the war raised him on 8 May 1985 international respect but also critical from conservative rings, because he the interpretation of 8 May "the day from the defeat" reappointed up to "day of the vrijlating". To be partly sharp criticism on the party scheme it general, is in general connected also frequently with the cold personal relation between von Weizsäcker and association chancellor . Von Weizsäcker had been in 1989, the first president of Germany since Heinrich Lübke in 1964, that it was red-elect as a president.

Karl Carstens



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