Tjeukemeer the largest binnenmeer of the Dutch province are , lain in .

Villages which are around the lake lying: , Echtenerbrug and Oosterzee. There lie also several camp-site along the lake.

The lake is not everywhere even diep. Especially the northeast part is less very shallow, than a meter.

Storm and country junction

The form of the lake and also the scope has changed. That passes among other things to storm and breaking up ice.

In 1164 the Julianavloed took place, in 1219 the Marcellusvloed, in 1509 the Cosmusvloed and Damianusvloed. Also by spontaneous or infected bunch - and peat fires it has become more larger. There go many tales concerning drowned villages in the Tjeukemeer.


Approximately 1840 there plans arose to drain more it, analogously to the draining of . Around 1880 there a second plan came. The plans have not been implemented.More in the Netherlands


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