artrite it is inflammation of , in ample, joint direction of symptoms and resultant signals of injuries you will articulate produced for diverse reasons and causes. Popularly the artrite is synonymous of reumatismo, generic assignment for pain, rigidity or neighboring deformity of joints and structures to .

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The artites can be classified in:

  • Degenerative Artrite
  • Gotosa Artrite
  • Atrite piogênicas acute
  • Psoriática Artrite
  • Reumatóide Atrite

Degenerative Artrite

chronic characterized by degeneration of cartilage to articulate, ossea hipertrofia, pain that appears with the movement and improves with the rest. Acomete of preference the coxofemorais knees, joints and the spinal column.

Artrite Gotosa

Illness caused for precipitation, inside and is of the joints, monourato of sodium. Its incidence is bigger in the masculine sex, in general around the 35 years of age. In the woman the menopause is more frequent after. ...

Artrite Acute Piogênica

With the appearance of , the incidence, the pathogenic one, the evolution and the prognostic of the acute piogênicas artrites diminuiram and if they had modified. The affected joints more are the coxofemorais, the knees, the shoulders and, less frequently, the ankles, elbows, the sacrilíacas and the fists. p

Artrite Psoriática

is an illness of , of the unknown cause, characterized for eritêmato-escamosa eruption.

Rheumatic Artrite

Its origin is unknown, with symptoms and predominant inflammatory alterations in the joints and adjacent structures.


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