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Caipirinha it is drink more known internationally. It is made with , , e .

Caipirinhas practically must be prepared for a cup of each time, since its ingredients are in so irregular amounts that very it is complicated to make a igualitária division. The lemon is cut in pieces; some people peel them partially. Adding 1 the 2 spoons of sugar tea, the pieces of the lemon are jammed with a rod to liberate the juice of the lemon. Rods (or pylon) wooden special for this task are easy of being found.

Finally, the 50 are added to 20 ml of cachaça and ice in cubes or if to prefer, perforated. It must be moved since it is very difficult to move enough well. Drink is served in low and wide cups with palitos wooden or two small canudos. In Brazil, it is served in the majority of the restaurants and beaches. The Brazilian ones generally prefer ice cubes the perforated ice.

Since now it is very popular world measures, innumerable variations of this drink are known. In some regions, sugar mascavo is used instead of the fine one. Exactly in Brazil, they can be found variant with artificial sweeteners for the worried ones about the sugar, or a great variety of fruits. Moreover, cachaça some times is substituted by vodka (Caipiroska) or (Caipiríssima). Caipirinhas of Saquê also they are made.

In the truth, caipirinha is one of the flavors that the Brazilians call "strokes", that they are drinks of fruits made with cachaça. Therefore, drinks can be substituted the lemon for another very good fruit and be obtained. The strokes of , e also is popular.

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