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Silvia Saint, one of the biggest actresses pornô of the world.

Ponographic cinema it appeared quickly after the creation of the technology of films, that made with this type of film was possible. The Cinema pornô (as the majority of the adepts it calls) has very in common with the other forms of pornography.

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The camera has been used in the cinema during all its history, but in the case of the ponographic films, the majority made in underground, it is used in amateur way and the films have limited distribution. Of beginning, its projection was basically in the house of the customer and private clubs. Nowadays the cinema pornô is more professional, and counts cases of stars of pornô Brazilian receiving up to 500 a thousand Reals to estrelar a film (case of the actress Rita Cadilac).

The ponographic films already existed since the time of the dumb cinema, in years 1920, and sufficiently were twirled in brothels.

In in , the cinema pornô started to be spread out, and a law allowed that the films were twirled.

At this time some films had been for history, as Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door e The Devil in Mrs. Jones, that it was a superproduction for the time.

The diffusion of the videotapes, in years 1980, made to renascer the industry of ponographic videos, allowing that the consumers saw the films, much more comodamente, in the comfort of its house. The popularização of the device of video and the chambers also allowed that boldest they started to film its proper videos, becoming current to the amateur film pornô (that it finds many adepts currently).

With the advent of and of , the production of videos pornô was more easy still, but she was intent in some companies.


Example of pornô BDSM.

The videos pornô of nowadays can be divided in diverse subgenera: for the sex of the actors, types of sexual act and the sexual taste of the hearing.

  • pornô hetero: Most common, made to please the men heterosexuals.
  • pornô couple: Made to please the men and women heterosexuals.
  • pornô lesbian: Made to please men lesbian heterosexuals and women.
  • pornô gay: Films presenting men if realcionando sexualemnte. Come back toward the public of men homosexuals (public majority) and women heterosexuals.
  • pornô bisexual: films presenting people if relating sexually with people of the opposing sex and the same sex, simultaneously or not.
  • pornô travesti: Films with travestis, are men woman dresses, but that still they possess the masculine sexual member, the majority has silica implantation in the seios, travesti can in such a way exert the paper of man as of woman.
  • pornô Bearing: She is when a person takes a walk for the street, finds a person and convinces the person to keep sexual relations in exchange for favors, everything this the filmed relation being. But in the truth this is lie, all has filmed pornô must have a test of AIDS to be carried through.
  • pornô amateur: pornô made in recorded house or for fans. Very common in the InterNet.
  • pornô BDSM: It is when the sex involves stages sado-masoquitsas, as stages of violence and humilhação.
  • pornô fetiche: Feet, penalty, shoes, ears... it has taste for everything.

At the same time, a distinction can be made of all these sorts, enters all these films history well is seemed, some films has some history in top, but the great majority makes some introduction and later the sex starts.

The films also can be divided in pornô light and weighed. The light one only shows to women or naked men or seminus if insinuating for the viewer. Pornô weighed contains sexual relations.

Also they are sufficiently common in the films forbidden relations, as between doctor and the nurse, torcedora and player, father and babysitter, professor and pupil.

Style also has pornô , that it is sufficiently common in DVDs, the viewer chooses what it goes to happen to follow, this also is sufficiently common in , where internauta paid a certain amount of money and sees a girl making what it will want in webcam.

A sort little divulged and forbidden in some countries is the sex with animals. Sufficient adepts in the InterNet, most common exist are sex with cachorros e .


It sufficiently has common thing in the films of years 1990 and 2000. The sex is shown of general form, it does not demonstrate affection between the actors and basically it does not have history: the two actors if find in some situation and start. The majority also has a sequência: verbal, vaginal, anal and ejaculação (in the majority of the times in the face of the partner).

Types of scenes

  • Anal: Anal sex, can be practised in some positions, as well as the vaginal sex, but most common it is of four. A common source of these scenes is the call ass-to-mouth, that it consists of alternating between the verbal and anal sex.
  • Orgia: Also called suruba or group sex. It is when more than two partners are making sex of a time alone.
  • Verbal: It consists only of the practical one of verbal sex. More common only in lesbianism scenes.
  • Double penetration: A woman is penetrated by two men at the same time. The first one inserts the penis in the vagina and the other in the anus.
  • Double vaginal: A woman is penetrated by two men being that both penetrate the vagina at the same time.
  • Double anal: Double similar to the vaginal one, however the penetration is anal. Silvia Saint the queen of the double anal is considered.
  • Gang Bang: More than 3 men practise sex at the same time with an only woman.
  • Enjoyed: A man ejacula all the sperm in the body of the woman. Most common it is in the face, but also it can be in the sexual orgão of the partner, in the belly and the seios. Also the Bukkake call exists, bred in

    The cinema pornô comes very growing, mainly after the good reception of the films carried out for the actor Alexander Fleet e for the actress Rita Cadilac. Old it was very common , that they showed a less explicit sex and some central history. Many consecrated stars already had participated of pornochanchadas, as Xuxa Meneghel, Vera Fisher e the actress Cristiane Torloni, that it arrived to act in scenes of explicit sex.

    Despite the local puritanismo, pornô is much spread out in the country, with diverse companies, mainly situated in (the biggest center pornô of the world). Many atores/atrizes are famous and finish going pra another career after some time. It is of far the country that more puts into motion money in this branch and where if it finds one of the best structures of security for the health of the actors and actresses. Also it is the country where Bearing was born the type of pornô, having dedicated cities to pornô, where the producing greaters if point out.

    The type of more common film pornô in Japan describes scenes with innocent girls being molested by diverse anonymous men - a certain form of rape, being everything staged, obviously. The majority of the films also shows to women suffering, men urinando in women and women being forced to have sex. The majority of the occidental producers considers the ponographic cinema Japanese stranger and faces it with some diffidence, therefore it can, of indirect form, to stir up to such practical criminal

    Considered the country with the most beautiful actresses pornô of the world, also he is famous for the actresses to charge cheap and not to have modesty. The great majority of the pornography produced in this country is for exportation.

    AIDS and the films

    With the advent of AIDS in , a great number of actors had become seropositivos, and as at the time he was not obligator the examination of HIV, the ploriferação was enormous, a great number of deaths in the way happened. Currently each actor is obliged at the very least to make one examination of HIV for month, without this they cannot make professional films. Some countries demand the use of the condom in the films, but it has companies that they say that this makes with that venda of films falls. United States and European the cinema pornô had reached in the beginning of almost null indices of contamination, arriving the periods of years without stories of contamination in films of the great producers.

    Rooms of cinemas pornô

    Many dedicated rooms of cinema to the ponographic cinema exist, being common the rooms dedicated cinemas pornô gay, therefore heterosexuals usually prefer to attend the films in house. For times, the viewers in such a way of héteros films how much of films gays arrives if to masturbar or even though to practise sex inside of the exhibition room.

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    • Bus Bang
    • College Fuck Fest
    • Captain Stabbin
    • Mike in Brazil

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