Jaspion, in , The Fantastic Jaspion (??????? or Kyojuu Tokusou Jasupion in Japanese) it is a series of TV of tokusatsu of the sort of Heroes Metal, produced for Toei Company enters 15 of March of the 24 of March of . She was covered with star for Hikaru Kurosaki in the paper-heading. In Brazil, it was televised by in the end of years 80.

Jaspion, together with Changeman, it opened the doors of the Brazilian market for diverse seriados of the same style continuing the impact initiated with National Kid in 60 years e Ultraman e Ultraseven in years 70 and 80. All child of that time wanted a fancy of its favourite heroes or the toys (tray dolls, games, notebooks) on to the seriado one at that time. In that many would consider a sly play of "marketing", the Tevê Manchete showed Jaspion to 18h30 approximately -- exactly the schedule where the children left the schools, a hearing guarantee.

Also known it was the strategy of the Manchete to delay to the possible maximum the exhibition of the two last episodes of the series, to possibly guarantee the attendance of the hearing to little per some minutes per day, for the "counting" of the chapters. It is possible to get the deposition of any faithful follower of the Japanese seriados ones regarding its frustration when, in the following day to the exhibition of episode 44 ("Satanic Return"), the following one ("I am the son of Satã Goss") was not propagated. The strategy continued until 1991 middle, when the final chapter was at last set free.

After the success that the seriado one made in Brazil, the fashion was if depleting and the seriados ones changing of sender. Jaspion and Changeman had come back the television in in and was the last sigh never stops later being shown.

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The Saga of Jaspion if initiates when the Edin scholar finds the boy enters the destroços of a ship in which its parents had died together because of an accident. Edin creates Jaspion per some years knowing that this would be the celestial warrior in charge to destroy the evil created by Satã Goss [ 1 ].

Jaspion, already in the adolescence, understands its accepted destination and of Edin the weapons and the Anri android that its mentor constructed for this confrontation against Satã-Goss. It would be in charge finding pieces of the Galactic Bible, that had been destroyed for a comet, and destroying the empire of Satã-Goss. Between its weapons it was the Metaltex armor that appeared to a mental command its and the ship Daileon that still it turned an enormous giant robot.

In its some combats, Jaspion and Anri had made some allies, as the small Miya foreigner, the space policeman Boomerman and Nambara professor.

In one day, Jaspion monitored the planet almost Land and a light beam the blind person. Edin says that to that age the signal that was present in the Galactic Bible in which it is the chosen warrior to join 5 children and a baby who will make to appear the golden bird that will defeat Satã-Goss. Accepted Jaspion the new mission and goes to the search of the children.

The fight arrives at its height when Jaspion faces Mac Garen, son of Satã Goss, of equal for equal. Jaspion eliminates Mac Garen to a certeiro attack with its Laser Cosmic. Mac Garen calls for knows father to it before dying what furious Satã-Goss with ready Jaspion and for the final fight leaves.

The fight if becomes intense, but Edin if sacrifices when trying to hold Satã-Goss so that Jaspion joined the baby and the five children radiated for the light. Jaspion wise person who had still not found the baby and tries to avenge itself inside of the death of its mentor in a decisive fight of Daileon against Satã-Goss. Jaspion almost loses for Satã-Goss, but the five children open its hands and meetings make the golden bird to turn a sword and fight continues.

An enormous earthquake appears and the soil if it divides in two, where it leaves an egg that emanates the golden light that gives to the sword of Jaspion the force enough to defeat Satã-Goss. The victory was obtained with very cost and Jaspion sees that inside of the egg he was a baby. It and Anri decide to take care of of the child as well as Edin made with it. Thus they finish the adventures it Fantastic Jaspion.


  • Jaspion - the protagonist of the series. It had its dead parents and since then it was created and trained for the prophet and Edin scientist to face the terrible Satan Goss.


  • Anri - Android created for Edin, folloies Jaspion in its missions.
  • Edin - the prophet of the galaxy, created Jaspion and foresaw through the Galática Bible the appearance of Satan Goss. It always loads I obtain cajado.
  • Miya - it was saved by Jaspion and Anri in the first one of its space trips and since then folloies them in its missions.
  • Boomerman - space Policeman, had the brother assassinated for MacGaren and since then she wants to avenge its death, working hidden in the Land in the condition of agent of the terraqueous Interpol (probably she has others of its force, hidden in the planet, that had guaranteed its act of contract). Its codinome drift of the two bumerangues that it uses as weapon.
  • Nambara - Professor, starts to participate of the series from episode 15. After to have successive and strange dreams, starts to look its images in mythology books, until arriving at a obscure legend on a Golden Bird. Its research arrives at the ears of MacGaren and they make it to be pursued by it and its group. Since then it starts to collaborate with Jaspion.
  • Kanoko - son of Nambara and the first one of the "five radiated children" to be found.
  • Kenta - new son of Nambara.


  • Satan Goss - Created from the union of the malignant energies of the universe, Satan Goss intends to conquer the entire universe and to create the Empire of the Monsters. In the end of the series it suffers a transformation in which is still more powerful. By many the Darth Japanese Vader is considered.
  • MacGaren - the son of Satan Goss. He was in charge spying on the Land. Transformed it uses a black armor and a sword.
  • Kilza, the Galactic Witch - Coming of an unknown planet, appears for the first time in episode 29, ressucitando MacGaren after the death of this for the hands of the hero. Very bold in its plans, but esquentada and also autoconfiante excessively. Times of the formula "Berebekan Katabamba" gained a place in the memory of the Brazilian favours to the fact of all its repeated magicians to involve the recitação and the finishing "Kikerá!!!!".
  • Purima e Goru/Gyoru - Long ago members of the flock of the Quadridemos, the two remain as bodyguards of MacGaren after the end of the group, caused for the death of the remaining components, Iki (in episode 15) and Zampa (in the 18). Purima if valley of swords and a capable crystal ball of one have attacked of rays of great abrangência of area. Already Goru uses a flute capable to transform it and to others into animals, however more used as baton of combat and zarabatana.
  • Kilmasa - With the definitive death of Kilza in episode 36, its sister --e also witch -- Kilmasa appears in such a way to avenge it how much to get a fraction of the power of Satã Goss. Although he has not collated Jaspion directly (not for significant time), its assistant, five ninjas space (Ka, Sui, Mok/Moku, Of and the Fu), had made it, and had been being died one by one.

On the Production

In Brazil the series had the heading of the Fantastic Jaspion, but titulo original age "Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion". "Juspion" is the junction of the English words "Executes" and "Champion" and would be something as "Champion of Justice". "Kyojuu" means monster giant while "it tokusou" is the abbreviation of "tokubetsu sousa" (special inquiry). The translation would be something as ' Champion of the investigating justice of giant monsters '. The change for "Jaspion" probably occurred for deliberated act of the translator, to prevent confusions between the name and what he was sharp in the films (for the phonetic transcription, in English letter "u" of the word "It executes", spoken correctly, it would have a sound next to "â" or "á" in Portuguese, depending on sotaque of who pronounces).

The series, created for Saburo Yatsude e with scripts of Shozo Uehara, it was produced in 1985 for the Toei Company and had 46 recorded episodes. The action scenes had been the position of Japan Action Club (JAC), main agency of preferential Japanese and contracted dublês of the Toei in its series. In Brazil, the episodes had been dublados and adapted in the studios of the Poplar.

In the cast, Hikaru Kurossaki (artistic name of Seiki Kurosaki) interpreted the charismatic hero Jaspion e Hidiri Yakada it was its partner, the beautiful Anri android. The frightful MacGaren villain (Mad Galant in the original) was interpreted for the known actor of action Junichi Haruta that it excused dublês in the risky scenes of its personage. Another famous actor in the series was Hiroshi Watari, in the paper of Boomerman. Watari also was the star of the series Sharivan (1983) e Spielvan (1986).

Weapons, vehicles and equipment

  • Metaltex - the armor of Jaspion.
  • Laser Spadium - the sword of Jaspion, with which it destroys its enemies.
  • Allan Space Motion - the motion of Jaspion.
  • Gaibin Tank - the tank of Jaspion, can become into jato(Gaibin Jet).
  • Daileon- the robot of Jaspion, which invokes to face the monsters of Satan Goss (and the proper one, in some episodes).


  • The actor Hikaru Kurosaki it reassuimiu the true name, Seiki. After divergences on conditions of security in the work of dublê, left the branch and today it works as instructor and guide of submarine diving in the neighborhoods of next to its wife.
  • Kurosaki also participated of the seriado Bioman in the Tokusatsu sort. In Jaspion, it according to counts that he wanted to make a different hero, proposal of the producers of a "space Tarzã". Therefore, "afro" would have suggested the hairdo to them with that it appears in the first episodes. However, Toei it did not like resulted it in the screen, and commanded the hair cut, that occurred between a scene and another one of episode 11.
  • The actor who interpreted Boomerman (Hiroshi Watari) it turned protagonist in serie that she succeeded Jaspion, Dimensional Warrior Spielvan.
  • For account of a motion accident, Hiroshi Watari had its participation in the harmed series, since it had to make a surgery to remove the 7 bolts of the leg. After this it only participated of more 2 episodes.
  • In Brazil, Jaspion capsized reviewed in quadrinhos for Ebal e later for in . These histories lightly were based on the series and if it could see crossovers with other series also shown for the Manchete Net.
  • The Everest company and the Tevê Manchete, in a campaign of "marketing", had divulged the seriado "Spielvan" as "Jaspion 2" in the announcements and legends of identification of the sender. The translation team omitted until the name of the hero in musics of opening and closing, thing that never happens in seriado "tokusatsu" (still that it has kept it as "Spielvan" in the proper episodes), so that the fans of Jaspion believed that he was about a continuation. Histories of the two series did not have no relation.
  • The ribbons of the seriado Jaspion had been launched before serie estrear in the Manchete Net for the Everest. Years later, the ribbons had been relaunched with the InterMovies stamp.
  • Jaspion it was dublada in Poplar, that years later it would dublaria diverse you liven up as . The personage-heading was dublado by Carlos Takeshi, that also Change Griphon dublou in Changeman e I trembled with Sagita in Knights of the Zodiac (version Magical Drop). Currently, Takeshi is presenter of the InfoShop program in the Shoptime canal.
  • The actress who interpreted Anri today (Kiyomi Tsukada) deferred payment in United States.
  • Beyond Brazil, Jaspion also was shown in , in canal TF1 from , in the Club Dorothee, where other series tokusatsu such as Maskman e Bioman they had been shown.
  • Different of Changeman, filmed almost at the same time and well-succeeded in such a way in Brazil how much in Japan, Jaspion did not make a great success in its native country. With 46 filmed episodes, it did not arrive to be a failure, but it was a disillusionment for the Toei Co. for the expectation in deposited it: beyond famous actors of the sort "tokusatsu", the incluía cast the known singer Issao Sassaki. Exactly thus, he was not great "hit" waited.
  • Of the Brazilian cast of dublagem already they faleceram Líbero Miguel (Satan Goss and Iki), Carlos Laranjeira (Boomerman and Hiroshi), Potiguara Lopes (some tips) and Renato Master (Mr. Akiyama). E Ricardo still Grown (MacGaren from episode 17), after to have had some familiar problems and envolvement with drugs, has unknown paradeiro. The author of this revision did not obtain greaters information on it, at least on if he is alive or not. Contributions to this verbete are welcome.
  • The subject of Metalder, You donate Your Youth Shine, it was interpreted by Isao Sasaki (which also made the voices of Silvester Stallone and Christopher Reeve in Japan), that it interpreted Nambara Professor in Jaspion.
  • The name of ninjas space of the Kilmasa witch represents the elements according to one of the conceptions : Ka=fogo, Sui=água, Moku=madeira, Do=terra and Fu=vento or air (source: pages 700km, of Ricardo Bittencourt, e Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu, of Sylvain Guintard). It notices that this classification is not static -- many branches of this philosophy present, in the place of the wind, Kin (metal), while others englobam the six elements shown here.


Japanese actors

  • Jaspion - Hikaru Kurosaki/Takanori Shibahara, Kazuyoshi Yamada and Noriaki Kaneda(dublês)
  • Anri - Kiyomi Tsukada
  • Edin - Noburu Nakatani
  • Boomerman - Hiroshi Watari
  • Nambara - Issao Sassaki
  • Kanoko -???
  • Kenta -???
  • Satan Goss - Shozo Izuka
  • MacGaren - Junichi Haruta
  • Purima - Misa Nirei
  • Gyoru - Kei Aman
  • Ikki - Toschimichi Takahashi
  • Zampa -???
  • Kilza - Junko Takahata
  • Kilmaza - Yukie Kagawa

Dubladores Brazilian

  • Jaspion - Carlos Takeshi
  • Anri - Denise Simonetto(ep.1-16), Cecília Helms(ep.17-46)
  • Edin - Borges de Barros
  • Bommerman - Carlos Laranjeira
  • Nambara - Seting Tirabosque
  • Kanoko - Lúcia Helena
  • Kenta - Lira Rodrigues (1ª voice), Hermes Barolli (2ª voice)
  • Rod (eps. 8 and 29) - Eduardo Shrimp
  • Satie (eps. 8 and 29) - Lúcia Helena
  • Satan Goss - Líbero Miguel
  • MacGaren - Francisco Borges(ep.5-16), Ricardo Medrado(ep.4, 17-45)
  • Kilza - Maximira Figueiredo
  • Kilmaza — Isaura Gomes
  • Purima — Neuza Azevedo
  • Gyoru — Nair Silva
  • Ikki — Líbero Miguel
  • Aiga — Gilberto Barolli
  • Guila - Brown Antonio
  • Kelly(pai de Jaspion) - Nelson Axe
  • Gassami Nº1 - Gilbert Barolli
  • Gassami Nº2 - Eleu Salvador
  • Tip - Waldir de Oliveira
  • Bragul/Dragoon - Waldir de Oliveira
  • Mr. Akiyama (ep. 19 and 22) - Renato Master
  • Zamurai (ep. 19) - Gilbert Barolli
  • Titânia (ep. 22) - Maximira Figueiredo
  • Yada (ep. 23) - Eleu Salvador
  • Silk (ep. 31) - Gilbert Barolli
  • Daisuke (ep. 39) - Wendell Heifer
  • Hiroshi (ep. 42) - Carlos Laranjeira
  • Kumiko (ep. 36) - Neuza Azevedo
  • Mika (ep. 45) - Neuza Azevedo
  • Narrator - Francisco Borges
  • Director of dubalgem - Gilbert Barolli
  • Studio - Poplar

French dubladores

  • Jaspion - Mario Pecqueur
  • Anri - Corinne Richardon
  • Boomerman - Antoine Tomé
  • MacGaren - Bernard Demory
  • Edin - Hubert Drac
  • Nambara - Hubert Drac
  • Kilza - Malvina Germain
  • Kilmasa - Malvina Germain

List of episodes

  • 1-O planet of Edin (heading of the episode in the TV; in video ribbons, it had the name of "the Planet of the Giant Monsters")
  • 2-O sad end of Sakurá
  • 3-O dream of the galático boy
  • 4-A fury of the quagmire
  • 5-O enigma of the flute
  • 6-Gordon in search of the mother
  • 7-O demon of the mountain
  • 8-O fugitive couple
  • 9-A history of a tree
  • 10-O attack of the Pirossauro
  • 11-Perigo in Tsukuba/ Terror in Tsukuba
  • 12-A prophecy
  • 13-A onslaught of the space allies
  • 14-Perigo in the lagoon them fiancés
  • 15-Sonho or illusion? -- the golden image
  • 16-Qual the destination of the humanity?
  • 17-O mystery of the Golden Bird
  • 18-O enemy immortal
  • 19-Alerta in the ocean
  • 20-A last possibility
  • 21-O brave boy player
  • 22-O witchcraft of Titânia
  • 23-O monster of the century
  • Dangerous 24-Ambição
  • 25-Tokyo in danger (in the box of the video ribbon, the heading was "In the Planet of the Galactic Boy")
  • 26-O counterattack of Daileon
  • Threatening 27-Juventude
  • Mortal 28-Dados of the electronic monster
  • 29-A death of MacGaren
  • 30-O panic of the balloon
  • 31-Golpe in the TV
  • 32-A conspiracy of the robot
  • 33-A battle of black magic
  • 34-A indestructible ortaleza
  • 35-A discovery of the parchment
  • 36-O miracle of the new lives
  • infernal 37-Cardápio
  • Miraculosa 38-Trama
  • 39-O powerful kiss of Miyo
  • 40-O enigma of the meteor
  • 41-O shooting of justice
  • 42-A history of Pep and Hiroshi
  • 43-O mysterious world of Satan Goss
  • Satanic 44-Retorno
  • 45-Sou the son of Satan Goss
  • 46-A union of the peoples of the láctea way

List of monsters and villains

  • M=Monstro (or they algo/alguém faced for the Daileon giant)
  • V=Vilão (somebody collated and defeated -- not necessarily died -- for the hero in person)
  • 1- M = Haneda and Marigoss
  • 2- M = Tee Goss
  • 3- M = Namaguederaz
  • 4- M = Gaios
  • 5- M = Mock-up
  • 6- M = Gelgon (*)
  • 7- M = Mongorila
  • 8- M = Douradus/Douradous
  • 9- M = Troncor
  • 10- M = Pirossauro;
Versus = Amazon 1 and Amazon 2
  • 11- M = Gamadoraz
  • 12- M = Satã Goss
  • 13- M = Paregonta/Baregonta
  • 14- M = Maressauro
  • 15- M = Botossanki;
V = Iki
  • 16- M and V = Dimátiko/Dinamátiko
  • 17- M = Head Dorima
  • 18- V = Zampa
  • 19- M = Humibura;
V = Zamurai
  • 20- M = Hakaban;
V = Guila
  • 21- M = Magnêda
  • 22- M = Kumôda;
V = Titânia
  • 23- M = Sion
  • 24- M = Môke
  • 25- M = Donguez ("Donguê" is said); Namaguederaz, of episode 3, also appears, as ally;
Versus = the Gasami Brothers ("Gassami" is said), called Gasami 1 and Gasami 2
  • 26- M = Bogan;
V = Gasami 1
  • 27- M = Sodomon (*);
V = the trio "the Gracious ones", composition for Ace, Pantry and Lady
  • 28- M = Aiga;
V = Aigaman
  • 29- M = Gaza;
V = MacGaren
  • 30- M = Baloon;
V = Kilza
  • 31- M = Dexterous;
Versus = Silk, Kenga and Zao
  • 32- V = Tip
  • 33- M = Maguin (*)
  • 34- M = Phordon (*)
  • 35- M = Satã Goss
  • 36- M = Dimuschi;
V = Kilza
  • 37- M = Ebizol;
V = Dragoon/Bragul
  • 38- M = Acquarock
  • 39- V = Ka (Space Ninja, or N.E.)
  • 40- M = Diagross;
V = Sui (N.E.)
  • 41- M = Destran;
V = Jonh Tiger
  • 42- M = the tank guard of the ortaleza of MacGaren;
V = Moku (N.E.)
  • 43- M = Satã Goss;
Versus = Of and Fu (N.E.s)
  • 44- M = Batroguess;
Versus = Purima and Goru
  • 45- V = MacGaren
  • 46- M = Satã Goss

(*) The name of the monster in question was not sharp of the episode and is unknown of the author of this revision, as much for not having a legend with its name in the televising version (case of episode 6) how much for this not to be translated of the Japanese language (case of episodes 27, 33 and 34). The names had been gotten in homepage Animepró.


  • Animepró: It brings the list of names of the monsters in the literal pronunciation of the Japanese ideogramas;
  • Page of Jaiminho e The Fantastic Jaspion: Both present an interview with the former-actor (and today professor and guide of diving) Hikaru/Seiki Kurosaki, transcribing of the Magazine "Hero" and currently it are of catalogue, source of part of the information of this article.
  • ZN Publishing company: Publishing company of the magazine Gyodai, also source of information for this verbete.

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