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Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (been born in 7 of August of ) is the co-founder of . It is an entrepreneur of and an enthusiastic one of the system .

Wales was born in Huntsville in the state of , and possesss diploma of Auburn University e of University of Alabama. He is an admirer of the philosophy of objetivismo of . In the half of , Wales initiated Bomis, a vestibule of search focado in aspects of , that also vende original content, as . More recently, it established Wikia that wheel the Wikiasari, one style wiki, and Wikicities, a lodging service wiki gratis.

With , Wales established , one online based in derivative of the model of . It and Sanger already had worked together in another called encyclopedia project , now disactivated. Wales is currently the director of , one without lucrative ends with headquarters in Cover, that he encloses the Wikipédia and its projects brothers. The magazine it told that Wales spent around USS 500.000 to establish its projects wiki.

Wales lives in St. Petersburg, , with its Christine wife and its son, Kira.

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