Lesbos it is an island in , also call of Mitilene. One bes situated in , next to . In , the name of the island is Lesvos, and its inhabitants are called lesvianos or lesvianotas. The main cities of the island are Mitilíni, Kalloni, Mithyma, Plomárion, Agiassos and Petra, and it if it locates in the Greek city of the same name.

The island has been inhabited since . The first mention it is made in registers hititas as Lazpa. Other old names are Lassia, Imerti, Aegira, Issa, Mythonis e Les-Ba.

Lesbos was the center of a civilization in 6º century.C, having been the home of the poets e Alceu. In 428.C., Lesbos joined it League of Delos in a revolt badly-succeeded against . e Epicuro also they had liveed here.

In , Lesbos also it was the name of the padroeiro god of the island. Lesbos was son of Lafita and was married Metima.

The word lesbian it comes of the name of this island. One originates from poems of of Lesbos, where the love between women was described. Had to this, Lesbos is frequent tourist destination of cruises and other strolls for lesbians. However, the lesbovitas authorities do not approve this entirely, and some ships of cruise already had had denied permission to come alongside in the island.

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Population: 105.082

Area: 2.154 km²

Demographic density: 48,78 h/km²

Capital: Mitilíni




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