Prophecy of the Statue of Nabucodonosor

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Historical context

Approximately in the year of 606 ac, the Empire dominated the world then. Nabucodonosor, the king of this empire, had subjulgado the people Israel and many had been taken for . Amongst the captives it was the young , of Tribe of Judá. Babilônia was a city of beauty and luxury. Its pálacios e Suspended Gardens if they had become one of seven wonders of the old world. She was surrounded for immense walls and gigantic doors, beyond a deep irrigation ditch encircling the walls. Babilônia was conciderada a inexpugnável city. cut the city in diagonal line, under the walls, fertilizando the wonderful gardens. The territory that Nabucodonosor governed had had a long one and varied history and had been under the government of different peoples and kingdoms. In accordance with , the city of Babilônia was part of the kingdom established for Nimrod, bisnieto of (Gênesis 10:9 e 10). Nabopolasar (626-605 ac) he was the founder whom if it calls Caldeo empire or Neo-Babylonian, which had its age of gold in the days of king Nabucodonosor and lasted until Babilonia fell in hands of the fear-Persians in year 539.

Nabucodonosor if was proud of "its Babilônea", that it said to have created for its proper hands, with the force of its power, for glory of its magnificência (Daniel 4:29 e 30). But it was worried in as he would be when it was not more the governor.

Biblical story

As all the old ones, Nabucodonosor believed the dreams as one of the ways for which deuses disclosed its will to the men. according to Bible (Daniel Chapter 2), in a night decided to disclose to the Nabucodonosor the future in one , not only of the empire of Babilônia, but also the history of all the humanity. Nabucodonosor dreamed of a great statue, cabeçaera of gold, the chest and the arms of silver, the bronze womb and thighs, the legs of iron and the feet were part of iron and adobe part. While the statue adimirava a great rock came of the high one and made right the feet of the statue that finished total being destroyed. After this the rock the face grew until covering all of the land.

In the following day when thinking about the dream, the king perceived that he did not obtain to remember nothing. Conformed with the esquecimento it did not look to aid of the scholar of its cut. It demanded that they made it to remember the dream and also they gave its interpretation

Daniel was not present when the scholars had been convoked and notifying of the difficult task. If the mystery was not solved all the scholars would be executed. The severity of the punishment was not is of tone with the customs of these times. However, it was a temerario step of the king because the men whose death had commanded constituíam the classroom most cultured of the society. Daniel asked for a time to search the aid of God and then to solve what it seemed impossible.

according to Bible, a night God sent the Daniel the same dream that the King had dreamed. Some time later Daniel was taken until Nabucodonosor. Daniel described the dream with exactness to the king, counted even though what Nabucodonosor thinks before sleeping (Daniel 2:29). Nabucodonosor did not have no doubt that that age the dream and that God had disclosed to these things the Daniel.

After that Daniel gave of the dream. Daniel described, according to Biblical story, history of the humanity since Babilônia until day of the final judgment. As Daniel the different parts of the statue were different empires that if would succeed in the control and domíno of the world.

Preterista interpretation

Futurista interpretation

Historicista interpretation

Sengundo this line of interpretation the prophecy of the chapter. 7 have essentially the same covered historical lapse that the dream of chapter 2 of Daniel. Both accumulate of stocks since the days of the prophet until the day of the final judgment. In Daniel 2, Nabucodonosor saw to be able them world-wide represented for a great one metal statue, no longer chapter 7, Daniel saw by means of the symbolism of crossbows and horns to them.

Studious that they defend the this line of reasoning understands that subject of chapter 2 of Daniel is essentially politician. It was given, in first place, to inform the Nabucodonosor and thus to obtain its cooperation with the plain the holy ghost. Already the prophecy of chapter 7, as of the remaining portion of the book, they had been given especially so that the plain the holy ghost, through all the centuries, could be understood and be disclosed. These prophecies have as deep cloth of the fight of the good contrao badly, the great conflict enters e . Before proceguir in this reading it sees articles e .

The Gold Head

It gave to the gentleman the domain in the whole world on the human beings, the animals and the birds. You it is the done gold head. - (Daniel 2:38)

The suspended gardens of Babilónia, as imagined for Martin Heemskerck.

The First Kingdom

Nabucodonosor was the personificação of the Neobabilônico Empire. The military conquests and the esplendor architectural of Babilonia if had, to a large extent, its feats. Lietalmente Daniel says that the detached gold head of the statue was the Babylonian Empire represented by its Nabucodonosor governor.


To embelezar the city of Babilonia if it had used gold in abundance. Herodoto it describes with profusion of terms the brilliance of the gold in the sacred temples of the city. The image of the god, the throne on which was seated, the table and the altar were made of gold.


Sobressaía Nabucodonosor enters the kings of the seniority.

Chest and Arms of Silver

After its kingdom it will have another one, that will not be so powerful as its... - (Daniel 2:39)

As The Kingdom

Ciro II allowing to the Hebrews the return and reconstruction of Jerusalem

This as kingdom of the prophecy of Daniel is called the times Empire Medo-Persa, incluía the oldest Empire Fear and the acquisitions most recent of the Persian conqueror . It is little probable that as the kingdom is only , as some supports, what it would convert in the third kingdom. The Empire Fear was contemporary of the Empire Neobabilônico, not its successor. Empire Fear fell before Ciro the Persian before the fall of Babilônia. Darío reigned in Babilônia for permission of the true conqueror, Ciro, that defeated Belsasar of Babilônia. The book of Daniel if relates some times to the nation that conquered Babilônia, to the which Darío represented, as "the fears and the Persians". According to Herodoto, Ciro had said that it was Persian part and part Fear. Ciro, that had fond to be king of the Persia, defeated Astíages of the Fears in the year 553 or 550 AC. Thus the Persians who previously were subordinated to the fears, had arrived to have the dominant power in that it had been the Empire Fear. Since the Persians had governed since the time of Ciro in ahead, if she mentions them normally as Persian Empire. But prestige oldest if still more reflected in the phrase "Fears and Persians" who if applied to the conquerors of the Babilonia in the time of Daniel and late. The honrosa position of Darío after the conquest of the Babilonia demonstrates the respect of Ciro stops with the Fears, still that the same it withheld really the power.


As the silver is inferior to the gold, the Empire Medo-Persa was inferior to the Neobabilônico. When contrasting the two kingdoms, we notice despite as to have lasted more time, certainly was inferior in magnificencia luxury and. The conquering fears and Persians had adopted the culture of the complex Babylonian civilization, because its much less was developed.

Bronze womb and Thighs

...e after this kingdom will still have another one, a bronze kingdom, that will dominate the world entire. - (Daniel 2:39)

The Third Kingdom

Statue of Alexander the Great one in the City of Tessalônica

The successor of the Empire Medo-Persa was the Empire of and its successors. Greece was divided in small city-states that had a common language but little unified action. When thinking about old Greece, we mainly think about the age of gold of the civilization Greek under the leadership of Atenas, in century V ac. This florecimento of the culture Greek followed to the period of bigger effort joined of the independent city-states, the prohibited exitosa of Greece against Persia, around of the time of Ester queen. "Greece" of Daniel 8:21 it is not mentioned to the independent city-states of the period of classic Greece, but to the posterior macedónico kingdom that the Persia won. Macedonian, a situated consanguínea nation to the north of Greece properly said, conquered the cities Greeks and it incorporated them for the first time a strong and unified State. Alexander, after having inherited of its father just engrandecido grecomacedônico kingdom if put in march to extend to the macedónica domination and the culture Greek for the east and was successful to the Persian Empire. The aprepresenta prophecy the kingdom of Greece as a kingdom that would come after the Persia, because Greece never if joined to form a kingdom until the formation of the Macedónico Empire that substituted the Persia as main to be able of the world of this time. The last king of the Persian Empire was , that it was defeated by Alexander in the battles of (334 ac), Issos (333 ac), e (331 ac).


The Empire of Great Alexander

The Greek soldiers if distinguished for its bronze armor. Its helmets, shields and axes were of bronze. Herodoto in it says them that Psamético I of Egypt it saw in the Greek pirates who invaded its coasts the fulfilment of an oracle that predicted the "bronze men whom they leave the sea".

It will dominate the World Entire

History registers that the domain of Alexander if extended on Macedonian, Greece and the Persian Empire. It included Egypt and if it expanded for the east until India. It was the empire most extensive of the old world until this time. Its domain was "on all the land" in the direction of that no power of the land was equal it, and not because covered everybody, nor still all the land known in this time. One "to be able world-wide" can be defined as that one that is above of all excessively, invincible; not necessarily because it governs to everybody. The superlative affirmations were commonly used for the kings of the seniority. Ciro if calls itself exactly "king of the world... e of the four you embroider (regions of the land)".

Legs of Iron

Later, it will come one room kingdom, and this will be strong as the iron, that breaks and tears into pieces everything. E as well as the iron breaks everything, this kingdom will destroy all completely the other kingdoms of the world. - (Daniel 2:40)

The Room Kingdom

The Coliseu of Rome,

This is not the posterior stage when the empire of Alexander was divided, but empire that conquered the macedónico world. Much before the traditional date of 753 ac, had been established for Latin tribes who had come in successive waves surroundings of the time where other indoeuropeas tribes if had established in Greece. Since approximately in century VIII ac until the V ac the Latin city-state was governed by neighboring Etruscan kings. The civilization Roman very was influenced by the Etruscans, who had come Italy in century X ac, and especially by the Greeks who had arrived two centuries later. Per year 500 ac the Roman State if converted into republic, and almost followed being it per 500 years. In 265 ac all Italy was under dominates it Roman. In 200 ac Rome left victorious person the fight the death that had supported with its powerful rival of the north of Africa, (originally a fenicia colony). Since then Rome if made owner of The Mediterranean Occidental person e was more powerful of the one than any of the states of the east. Since then first Rome dominated and later it absorbed, one by one, the three kingdoms that sobraram of the successors of Alexander, and thus arrived to be following the great world-wide power after Alexander. This room empire was what more it lasted and most extensive of the four, therefore in century II dc was extended since England until the Eufrates.


very called adequately Rome the "monarchy of iron", still that it was not monarchy in the time where arrived to be the main one to be able of the world.

It breaks and It tears into pieces Everything

Everything what if could reconstruct of history Roman confirms this description. Rome gained its territory for the force or the fear that infundia its armed poderío. To the principle it intervined in international conflicts in a fight for surviving against its rival, Cartago, and if it saw involved thus in a war after another one. Flattening to an adversary after another one, it finally arrived to be the aggressive and irresistible conqueror of the Mediterranean world and of . In the principle of the Christian age, and a little later, the power of iron of the legions Romans endorsed to the Pax Roman (the peace of Rome). Rome was the empire biggest and stronger of the one than the world it had known until then.

Fingers of Iron and Adobe

In the statue that saw you, the feet and the fingers of the feet they were half of iron and half of adobe. Isso quer dizer que esse reino será dividido, mas terá alguma coisa da força do ferro; pois, como o senhor viu, o ferro estava misturado com barro. - (Daniel 2:41)

O Quinto Reino

Ainda que menciona aos dedos, Daniel não chama especificamente atenção a seu número. Declara que o reino seria dividido.

Barro e Ferro, Fraco e Forte


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