quimiosfera also called thermosphere it is a layer of . The reason of the division in layers if must for the alteration of the temperature of the gases of the atmosphere, therefore above of the 30 km approximately, when absorbing rays X e rays gamma, atoms isolated of oxygen e nitrogen they react and they were dissociam in , forming ionized layers that vary as the hour of the day, these íons absorb part of ultraviolet radiation come of . The light ultraviolet it starts to heat it, and to have a reaction in the oxygen molecules that if they transform into of . This absorbing the ultraviolet radiations heats air at the same time.

In this layer if they produce significant reactions chemical. The region of the quimiosfera initiates the 80 approximately altitude km, has limited where it starts . The maximum ozone concentration in the quimiosfera is around 340 km of altitude in average forming a region with the form of a cinturão. The quimiosfera follows aproximedamente until 640 km of altitude in relation to the ground.


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