Wikipédia she is one encyclopedia it exempts colaborativa based on and written by volunteers. It exempts here means that any article of the Wikipédia can be copied and be modified, since that the rights of copy and modification are preserved. The content of the Wikipédia is under license GNU FDL.

The model is a net of pages web that they can be modified through one to browser common as InterNet Explorer or Mozilla. This is the factor that distinguishes the Wikipédia from all the other encyclopedias: any person can modify any article, being each reader a collaborating potential of projecto.

The Wikipédia is managed and operated for Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization. Projecto was initiated in 15 of January of 2001 e in June of 2005 it more than sheltered 2 article million in most diverse languages, being approximately 760 a thousand in English language e -1 in Portuguese language.

The Wikipédia was established by Jimmy Wales e Larry Sanger, having its origin in projecto Nupedia. Both the projectos initially had been financed by private capitals (Jimmy Wales). Larry Sanger was during some months publishing in integral time of the two projectos.

The projectos Nupedia and Wikipédia have different models of functioning. The Nupedia has a model of revision and approval rigid and raised requirement criteria. The articles are reviewed and approved by reputed académicos, many of them with Ph.D., and alone later they are published. Unhappyly, it left to operate.

In the Wikipédia, the articles are written of colaborativa form. The Wikipédia is supported by a proper software, MediaWiki, developed for volunteers and under license GNU GPL. Some authors can successively work in set editing the same page. A collaborator can assume of enters some levels of contribution. It can write articles, correct articles, correct gralhas and ortográficos errors, participate esporadicamente, produce software, translate articles, divulge or participate in the quarrels on projecto.

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