Ancient Greece

In bol'shistve of the cases by the name Ancient Greece is implied history of one of the territories - in the period from approximately 6500 g. to 300 g. to n. 3..

In the period of approximately 6500 g. to n. 3. the first settlings of peasants appear at the territory of Greece.

Approximately since 2500. to n. 3. the counting begins crith -mino1ska4 civilization, which, in the opinion of the number of scientists, perishes together with, which, in the opinion 1500. to n. 3.

With THE XVI to n. 3. it is developed on the continent the mikenskaya civilization. About 1400. to n. 3. in Greece and in Crete it is extended the linear letter B. Approximately in 1200. to n. 3. mikenskaya civilization departs from the theater histories.

In 776 g. to n. 3. the first are passed The Olympic Games, which, on the legend, were based By geraklom.

In the middle OF THE VIII C. to n. 3. Greek city- policies begin the colonization of territories all around Inland and Black seas. It is for the first time recorded in the same period Iliada and Odyssy .

In the middle OF THE VII C. to n. 3. in the Greek city- policies comes the epoch of "tyrants". In kul'turologii this period is named the epoch of classics.

Middle OF THE V century to n. 3. it was marked By the peloponesskimi wars, in which Athens and Sparta disputed in each other hegemony in the Greek peace.

With THE IV C. to n. 3. the epoch begins the hellenism, connected with the achievements Aleksandr Makedonskogo and by the created with it empire in Greece and Asia Minor.

Periodization is undertaken from The Times Illustrated History of The World.


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