Mydocalm (Mydocalm). 1-Piperidine-2-methyl-3-pair-tolilpropanona-3- hydrochloride.

Synonyms: Menopatol, Mideton, Miodom, Mydeton, Pipetopropanone, Tolperison hydrochloride.

General information

Mydocalm has a complex effect on CNS: it blocks polysynaptic cerebrospinal reflexes, decreases the toxicity suppresses the increase in the reflector excitability caused by it. These properties of Mydocalm draw it nearer central relaxants (, etc.). There are data, that Mydocalm has the selective suppressing effect on the caudal part of the reticular formation of the brain, which is accompanied by the decrease of spasticity. It possesses also central n- cholinolytic properties. It does not render to the peripheral divisions of the nervous system of the expressed influence, it possesses the weak spasmolitic and vasodilator activity.

They use with the diseases, which are accompanied by a pathologic increase in the tone of the transversostriated musculature: with cerebrospinal and cerebral paralyses with an increase in the tone, the spasms, the spinal automatism, with the contractures of the extremities, caused by the injuries of spinal cord, parapareses and paraplegias, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses, with which there are dystonia, rigidity, spasms.

It can be used also with the disorders of the motions, connected with the extrapyramidal diseases (postencephalitic and arterioskleroticheskiy parkinsonism), and with an increase in the tone of muscles of pyramidal origin.

There have themselves data about the effectiveness of Mydocalm with epilepsy and the disorders of psyche, connected with the encephalopathy the children. Preparation uses also for relaxation and decreasing the danger of traumatic complications with the electro-convulsive therapy.

They assign inward, beginning from one lozenge on 0,05 g, 2--3 times a day, dose they gradually increase to 2 lozenges by the method of 2--3 times in the day. To children give 1/2 lozenges, then on 1 lozenge of 2--3 times in the day.

Preparation can be assumed prolongedly or courses on 3-4 weeks with the interruptions of 2--3 mo..

There are indications that Mydocalm renders the vasodilator action and it can be used for removing of angiospasms, improvement in the roof and lymph circulation, and also that preparation decreases the adhesive activity of thrombocytes.

Mydocalm usually is transferred well. In certain cases are possible the sensation of easy intoxication, the headache, an increase in the irritability, the disturbance of sleep. These phenomena are passed with the decrease of dose or the temporary interruption in the method of preparation.

Form of the release

Form of the release: lozenge on 0,05 g in the packing on 30 pieces.


Storage: list B.


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