Wales ( Cymru, Ka?mri, Wales, in the old Russian transfer Va?llis; Pays de Galles), one of four main administrative and political parts , in the past independent the principality.

Wales on the map of Great Britain



Flag of Wales

The peninsula, limited on the north occupies By Irish sea, in the West by SV strait. Georgiy, in the south By Bristol molded edge, and also the adjacent island Anglsi. Area 20,8 thousand. km2. Main city - Cardiff.


Percent relationship of those managing Welsh language in different counties of Wales

(on ESBE) - 1,8 million. the inhabitants

(on BSE) - 2,7 million. the inhabitants

- 2,9 million. the inhabitants

Basic peoples - valliytsy and the Englishmen. Part of valliytsev (29% of population of Wales, on the census ) to one extent or another preserves its language. On in Wales leave THE MEDIA (press, television, radio), there are numerous Internet sites.


Wales is rich by the schist, by the bituminous coal, (Glemorgan), , . Southern- Welsh coal pond is located on the south.

Economy and the economy

Fortress of the cardiff, capital of Wales

Main occupations: mining and industry, furthermore, agriculture and cattle breeding (19% under the plowed land, 10% under the meadows, 3% under the pasture, 31% under the forest).

History of Wales

Lock Of kernarvon - place, where takes the oath of the heir

The population of the country by the Celtic tribe of kimrov (kambriytsev), which gave to it name Cymru, relates to THE I millenium before n. 3. , after taking Britain (), practically did not rule in Wales, except narrow coastal zone on the southeast of peninsula. The decisive event for the formation of valliytsev into the separate national character became the anglo-saxon achievement of Britain, after which in the second-half the celts of Wales proved to be cut off from other Celtic tribes of island. At this time are formed basic the clans valliytsev. In parallel with the association in are added and the first states, which claim to the hegemony in entire Wales. Actual independence Wales preserved to the subordination to England () with , returned Wales into the feudatory possession to son its, subsequently to the king (). Since then the heir of English, and then British throne bears the title . Is known a number of uprisings of valliytsev against the English supremacy (large - under the leadership Owen Glendouera in the beginning , depicted By Shakespeare in the chronicle "Heinrich OF THE IV"). Welsh family , actively participated in , in year became the reigning dynasty in . The final juridical confluence of principality Wales with England occurred in , with .

C industrial Wales becomes the center of worker, and from other side - nationalistic movement (party "playd Of kamri" - s ). Welsh language is acknowledged equal with the English only in to year.


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