Yanukovich, Victor Fedorovich

Виктор Янукович
Victor Yanukovich

Vi?ktor Fedorovich Yanuko?vich - Ukrainian political and statesman, the leader Parties of the regions, the prime minister of the Ukraine in 2002 - 2004.


It was borne 9 July 1950 year in the working settlement Zhukova near the city Yenakiyevo Donets region.

Family: Mother - Olga Semenovna Leonov, nurse. It died, when to Victor there were 2 years. Father - Fedor Vladimirovich Yanukovich, he worked as the machinist of locomotive.

The marital status: it is married, the wife of Ludmila Aleksandrovna - housewife. It has two sons: Aleksandr - stomatologist; Victor - the student Donets national university.

In the youth there was twice osuzhden for the accomplishment of criminal offenses. During December 1967 17- summer Victor Yanukovich was sentenced for the robbery by the Yenakievskiy city court of Donets region to 3 years of the deprivation of freedom. It is freed before the appointed time as minor; during June 1970 the year Of yanukovich it was again sentenced to 2 years of the deprivation of freedom for putting of solid damages to average gravity.

In 1978 on the petition of the Deputy to the Supreme Soviet OF THE USSR, airman-cosmonaut Georgiy Beregovogo the matters about the convictions reexamined Donets provincial law court. After the study of materials by two decisions from 27 December 1978 year the presidium of Donets provincial law court removed both convictions with closing of production in the matters because of the absence of the composition of crime.

In 1980 Victor Yanukovich was accepted in CPSU - COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION and it passed the appropriate party checking. In particular, by its matter was occupied THE XXVI congress OF KPU and directly the commission of party control with the central committee OF CPSU - COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. These checkings confirmed the conclusion of the judicial organs of the higher authority about the nonparticipation Of yanukovicha in the crimes, which to it were incriminated. At the same time the opponents of Victor Yanukovich, referring to people, its known, they assert, that in the youth it was actually occupied by criminal activity, in particular, it tore away caps from head of passer-by.

Working activity of beginnings in 1969 by the worker of Yenakievskiy metallurgical plant.

In 26 years Victor Yanukovich headed the auto-enterprise of production association "ordzhonikidzeugol'" into Yenakiyevo. Since then, for 28 years - on the leading work. He was Director-General ON "donbasstransremont", ON "uglepromtrans", Donets provincial territorial association of truck transport.

In this case twice - in 1989 and 1991 - he was elected to the leading post by the working association on the alternative basis.

In 1973 Yenakievskiy mountain technical school externally finished, in 1980 externally it finished Donets polytechnic institute on the specialty "automobiles and the automobile economy", in 2001 - the Ukrainian academy of foreign trade in the specialty international law.

Scientific degrees - Doctor of Economics, professor. These scientific degrees Victor Yanukovich obtained already being to high-rank officials, however, their zasluzhennost' is disputed by many opponents Of yanukovicha. In particular, it is indicated, that in the official documents Victor Yanukovich made a large quantity of errors (for example, its own scientific degree it wrote "proffesor").

Rewards: order "for the merits" OF THE II and III degree, honorable title "deserved worker of the transport of the Ukraine".

During August 1996 Yanukovich is appointed Deputy Chairman, and during September - by first Deputy Chairman Donets provincial gosadministratsii.

From 14 May 1997 on November 2002 occupied the chairmanship of Donets provincial state administration, he was the deputy of Donets provincial council.

From May 1999 on May 2001 - the chairman of Donets provincial council for pluralism.

Deputy of the Donets provincial council OF THE III convocation.

19 April 2003 it is selected by the chairman Parties of the regions.

21 November 2002 Yanukovich is assigned to the post the prime minister of the Ukraine. In 2004 it advanced its candidature on the presidential elections. Its candidature was negative perceived by many Ukrainians not only because of the previous two convictions, but also because of the curious event during the pre-election visit of candidate in Ivano- it is Frank (then Yanukovich it was hospitalized because of the egg) deserted in it.

S 9 December 2004 in connection with the blocking by the opposition of government establishments and the non-confidence vote, carry ouied By supreme rada, it was located in the forced vacation, 31 December 2004 after defeat at the presidential elections of podal into the resignation.

During September 2005 after lengthy negotiations it went for the agreement with the President of the Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, to which was required the support to the fraction the "regions of the Ukraine" for the assertion in supreme Rade Yuri Yekhanurova to the post of prime minister.

Presidential elections 2004

Избирательный плакат Виктора Януковича
Selective poster of Victor Yanukovich

In the first stage of selections it occupied the second place, but since the conqueror of the first stage Victor Yushchenko it did not collect more than half of electorate, that was assigned second round of elections. According to the official statement of the Central Election Commission, Yanukovich gained victory, but the supporters Victor Yushchenko - its rival on the selections, accused state institutes of the mass falsification of selections and they left to the streets Kiev with the demonstrations. They won the appropriate process in the Supreme Court, by solution of which these falsification were acknowledged as those occurred, also, on 26 December 2004 g. was assigned peregolosovaniye of the second stage of selections, in which Yanukovich lost. Yanukovich attempted by an example Yushchenko tax to appeal the solution OF TSIK in the Supreme Court, but was defeated. (It is in more detail)


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