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Hiner hundred Sichuan, 有容乃大,Chinese VickyEstablishment inIn 2002Had at presentClause.

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Imperial □DelhiSoccer □Is one □is locatedSpain□DelhiThe soccer □, is establishedIn 1902On March 6Is □nowEuropeAnd even world ball □most successful soccer □one,In 2000On December 11□□foot □□leaves imperial □Delhi □20 th □□big soccer □. Imperial □Delhi host □□Berner Ukraine fieldInIn 1947On December 14Is completed,May accommodate □80,,354 people. Imperial □Delhi in □history continuously Cheng?? continent □□ball □,Zeng?? 9□□The crown □, is the present □most □□crowns □ball □. But native place aspect altogether □29Spanish armor □□□Crown □and 17Spain □Crown □.

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  • Movie "Seven swords"CenterFu QingzhuReally has its person in the history?
  • Management scienceCenter, the policy-making level highest management isAny?
  • Which positionSongOnce will be sleepy by 8,000 troopsGoldSoldier 100,000 people 48 days?
  • Western 佛教会 (WBO)FounderIs who?
  • AnyYesHydromechanicsDominant equation?

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  • On November 29□□□□Mozilla Firefox1.5 edition promote officially.
  • On November 29CatholicismVaticanThe announcement instruction, the prohibition hasHomosexualityLine □, □to, or supportHomogeneous □cultureThe human □is enthralled □the courtyard or □no matter what god □.
  • On November 28Canada□□Low HouseThe table □passes □□□Ding□principleGovernmentNo-confidence motion□nationBig □□ahead of time in January, 2006 □line.
  • On November 27ChinaHeilongjiang ProvinceQitaiheEast windCoal mineHas the mine shaftDetonationThe accident, 148 people died, still some 3 human of life and death were difficult to predict.
  • On November 26The Japanese astronavigation grinds □□□隼 bird numberSuccess fromPlanetoid silk Sichuan□RockSample. This isHumanityIn history for the first time fromPlanetoidSampling.

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On December 10:

  • 220 yearsEastXiandi Emperor in Han dynastyImperial sacrifices position,Cao PiWorks as emperor, changes the dynasty name is Wei.
  • In 1896SwedenChemist and inventorAhl Fred □Nobel(Chart)Passed away.
  • In 1901Nobel prizeGolden establishment.
  • In 1948"Universal Declaration of Human Rights"Through and publication.
  • In 1968Play activist, playwright, poetTian HanPassed away.
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