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Ancient Greece

Ancient GreeceGeography scope, except present Greece peninsula, but also includes entireAegean SeaRegion and northern sideMacedoniaWithSalaceAsian even rather peninsulaWithAsia minorPlaces. B.C.E. 5, 6 centuries, speciallyHopes the wave warLater, the economic life highly will prosper, has had the magnificent Greek culture, had the profound influence to the later generation. Ancient Greece person in literature、 play、SculptureConstruction、 philosophy and so on many aspects have the very deep attainments. This civilized inheritance perishes after the ancient Greece, quilt ancient Rome person destructive continues, thus becomes the entire western civilization the energetic fountainhead.

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Ancient Greece civilization starting

Before as early as emerges in the ancient Greece civilization 800 years, the Aegean Sea area has bred approximately brightly克里特 civilizationWithWheat Theinni civilization. Approximately in 1200,Multi- advantages Asia personThe invasion destroyed the wheat Theinni civilization, the Greek history entered so-called "the dark ages". Because mainly comes from to this time understanding "Homer epic poem" Therefore calls "Homer time" . In Homer time last stage,Iron hardwareObtains the promotion, substitutedBronzeware; The marine trade reis also developed, the new city-state country establishes in abundance. Greek usePhoenician alphabetHas created own writing, and convened first in previous 776 yearsOlympics games. The Olympics games convention also symbolized the ancient Greece civilization entered the prosperous time. About previous 750 years, along with the population growth, the Greek start to outside to colonize. In hereafter during 250 years, the new Greek city-state spreads includesAsia minorWithNorth AfricaMediterranean SeaCoast. In the various city-states, the influence is biggest isSpartaWith Athens.

Hopes the wave war

While the Greek city-state which expands to the Mediterranean Sea coast,West AsiaPersiaThe empire also in expands, the formidable Persian empire has conquered in the Asia minor peninsulaChinese mugwort Owne AsiaGreek Zhu Bang. Previous 499 years, in Asia minor peninsulaMilly allThe Greek city-state starts the revolt, obtains Athens the support. Persian kingBig class gentleman thAfter the suppression revolt, the preparation attacks Athens. Previous 490 years, the Persian armies cross Heisey to invade, but inMarathon campaignCenter the Athens rewiring infantry which is resided in by the population the inferiority defeats. The Greek wonFirst Greece wave warVictory.

Previous 480 years, Persian kingsWest Artemisia stelleriana Si thLeads 500,000 armies to attack Greece once more. The Greek various city-states also form the union, altogether imperial powerful enemy. Greek allied armies' army by Sparta artificial main force, navy then by Athens fleet primarily. Greek army inHot spring passBlocks the Persian army, although the soldier defeats, but built up for the Greek navy has won the time. The Persian has captured Athens, burns down the entire city, but Greek navy inSarah rice naval battleCenter routs the Persian navy at one fell swoop, the Persian faced with the military supplies the danger which shuts off, can not but retreat. The Greek followed up a victory with hot pursuit, liberated Asia minor's Greek various nations.Second Greece wave warComes to an end by Greece's victory.

Primary Luo Benni scatters the war

Hopes after the wave war, Athens becomes Greece overlord. The Athens navy is in the Greek various city-states the most formidable military force, Athens's democratic system also inIn primary LueckThe ruling time achieves the golden age. Hopes in the wave war, the Greek various city-states have established take Athens as a headRaises the Luo river unionPostwar becomes Athens to realize its hegemony tool gradually. Take Sparta as the headPrimary Luo Benni scatters the unionDoes not fill Athens the hegemony, both sides erupts rubs many times.Previous 431 yearsSparta's unionBottom BeeseAttacks Athens the unionThe pula raisesInitiated primary Luo Benni to scatter the war officially. Athens depends upon its formidable navy to carry on the blockade, Sparta then captures Athens, attempts to compel its decisive battle. Both sides have the victory and defeat mutually, but all has not been able to gain the decisive victory, then inPrevious 421 yearsConcludes the peace treaty. Peace has not been able to maintain very for a long time,Previous 415 yearsAthens is rightSicilySparta's allied countryNarrates pulls ancientStarts the large-scale expedition, the result to come to an end by the disastrous defeat. The Sicilia expedition causes the Athens vitality 大伤, incapably resists Sparta the offensive. Previous 405 years, the Athens navy wipes out. Next year, Athens will surrender to Sparta, Sparta has become Greece's new overlord. Sparta's hegemony has not been able to be long-time, the Greek various city-states fall into in the tangled warfare.


Macedonia is located Greek north, is in the Greek civilization the edge, is regarded as by the Greek the race. But from the B.C.E. 4 centuries, Macedonia becomes north Greek gradually the important country.Previous 395 yearsPhilip two thTakes a seat. Governs in Philip, Macedonia becomesBalkanThe area is second to none military power. Philip pushes □□its □□Shi?zhan □to cause □its □□Shi?ci the □time □hopes □□Shi Rong? vigorously one □. Facing Macedonia's rising, Greece has established take Athens as the head counter- Macedonia union.Previous 338 yearsMacedonia in喀 Luo NiyaRouts the Greek allied armies, has obtained to the entire Greece's domination.Previous 336 yearsPhilip is attacked by an assassin died, its sub-AlexanderTakes a seat. After Alexander took a seat very quick has stilled the Greek city-state revolt, has consolidated the political power.Previous 334 yearsAlexander leads the army to cross the sea eastern expedition, pulled open him to conquer the world the prologue. The Alexander biggest enemy is the formidable Persian empire. Alexander successively inStandard Raney card Si HeWithIraqi SousseDefeats the Persian army, captured from the Persian person handSyriaWithEgypt. Persian kingBig class gentleman three thAttempts to sum, but is rejected by ambitious Alexander. Previous 331 years, Alexander and between big class gentleman three th has the decisive significanceGao Jiami pulls the campaignEruption. Alexander again has gained the victory, and takes advantage of a favorable situation capturesBabylonThe Persian empire perishes. Alexander continues east-bound, until Indus River basin just now turns back. This □, Alexander's Greece □□□□is by □its □person □host □its □□.Previous 323 yearsAlexander dies of illness, his huge empire also along with it fission, ancient Greece history conclusion,Greece melts the timeStart.


15 century ItalyRenaissanceTime, very many intellectual (byClergyWithAristocratPrimarily) in order to get rid Christianity day by day decayed secularization rule and the thought imprisonment, starts reto study gradually the ancient Greece work which forgets, for example "Homer epic poem" In Asia gentleman Dude "Poem study" With some first ancient Christian church article. The ancient Greece energetic inheritance first time obtained comprehensively revived and inherits.

But to18~19 century, whileEnlightenmentStarting, scholars no longer "Holy Bible" On writes treats as the real matter, moreover belongs to similar the ancient Greece knowledge,Previous 776 yearsFirstOlympic GamesThe before matter calculated entirely isMythBut non- history.In 1870Heinrich SchliemannIn the Greek Troy archaeological finds, this archaeology discovered lets the westerner rerealize to the ancient Greece is not the illusory myth fable, but indeed has experienced the bright civilization. Under from this time on the scholar starts carefully to study the ancient Greece to spread the work, the discrimination myth, the fable and the history.

Ancient Greece civilization achievement


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