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Ancient Greece military

TraditionAncient Greece militaryThe package expanded the massive usesInfantryMakes the war. The Greek most standard shape infantry isSquare matrix infantry(Hoplite) composesMilitiamanByThrows the spear soldier(Peltast),ArcherWith cavalry soldier is the subsidy. The square matrix infantry usually can byCone-shapeOrRectangle square matrix (phalanx) goes forward, but throws the spear soldier to be able to harass the enemy in two sides. The general square matrix is abutting by the square matrix infantry,ShieldFront places the human wall which but composes, lies inDefenseMay have the very big superiority, only lacksMobilitySquare matrix infantryThe name comes from in them usesRound shield(Hopllon). Because allSoldierEquipmentAll purchases completely by oneself, therefore the soldier lacksUniformThe battlefield accidental injury possibility is very big.


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