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Ancient Greece philosophy

Classical Greek philosophyOr nameEarly Greece philosophyConcentrates at the debate and the interpellation duty. In very many aspects, at the same time it is the modern age science and modern age philosophy has laid down the path. The early Greece philosophers the influence which produce to the later generation never interrupt, from early timeMuslim philosophyToRenaissanceAgain toEnlightenmentWith modern ordinary science.

Table of contents

First Socrates's philosopher

The western philosophy history starts from the ancient Greece, specially a crowd is generally called for the front Socrates time philosopher. This is not for deny other which in ancient Egypt, the Semite as well as the Babylon culture appears the rumor which the early philosopher but does. Indeed, in each culture all has the great thinker and the writer, but we have the evidence to prove some earliest Greece philosophers at least have contacted certain Egyptian and the Babylon thought work possibly. However, the early Greece thinkers compared with theirs predecessor increased one kind of element at least, caused them to differentiate with predecessor's thought. In the history, we in theirs work discovered for the first time they regarding the world rule are not the doctrine -like position, but has included them to these theories each arguments.

The fact had proven, the nearly all early Greece philosophers proposed each kind of cosmogony is extreme and the explicit error, but this cannot reduce their importance. Because the immediate later philosopher has abandoned the predecessor supposition answer immediately, but they cannot evade the question which the predecessor proposed:

  • Which do all things from come?
  • Is it makes by what?
  • How do we explain the massive things composition essence?
  • Why can we use the sole mathematics to describe them?

But the Greek philosophers follow the form and transmits their answer method, changes the question which asked with them equally to be important. The first Socrates's philosopher rejects the tradition myth sees the phenomenon to their all around the explanation, but approves of a more rational explanation. In other words, they depend uponDeductionWith observes expounded revolves around them the real nature, moreover they use the reasonable argument to highlight their viewpoint to tell other people. Although the philosopher to has the argument about rational and the observation correlation important criterion, but since 2500 their basically consistent use the method which invents most early by the front Socrates school of thought.

The dispute often appears before the determination the Socrates philosopher's thought, as well as determined they use by to support the oneself unique viewpoint the argument way. This question comes from by no means they own or in thought some flaws, is purely because their history is separated by the too far reason with us. Although the most front Socrates philosopher creates 标志性 the work, but our not any work complete edition. We only then later generation's philosophers and the historian to its work quotation, with the original text fragment which occasionally discovered.

Tyrus (Greek: Theta □lamda eta □; English: Thales)

Graceful Kersey Mander (Greek: Alpha nu alpha xi iota mu alpha nu delta rho ο□; English: Anaximander)

Pythagoras (Greek: Pi upsilon theta alpha gamma □rho alpha □; English: Pythagoras)

Chinese mugwort Philippines south Hera Creed (Greek: Eta rho □kappa lamda epsilon iota tau ο□tau eta □Epsilon phi □sigma sigma οupsilon; English: Heraclitus of Ephesus)

Color promise Pfennig(Greek: Xi epsilon nu οphi □nu; English: Xenophanes)

Pakistan gate Nepal Germany(Greek: Pi alpha rho mu epsilon nu □delta eta □; English: Parmenides) and otherLoves the advantage Asia school of thought(Eleatic) philosopher

Keeps the base uncle(Leucippus),German plan Creed(Greek: Delta eta mu □kappa rho iota tau ο□; English: Democritus) and otherAtomic discussing(Atomists)

Proletariat extreme Golla(Greek: Pi rho omega tau alpha gamma □rho alpha □; English: Protagoras) andWise(Sophists)


Socrates (Greek: Sigma omega kappa rho □tau eta □; English: Socrates,470 B.C. - 399 B.C.) Is an Athens's philosopher, becomes in the western philosophy tradition the most important idol. He inquires the way is has the most important contribution to the western thinking mode. Please refer to the article which he writes to obtain more information.


Plato (Greek: Pi lamda □tau omega nu; English: Plato,427 B.C. - 347 B.C.) Has the influence extremely the classical Greek philosophers, listen to reason in Socrates, and taught in Asia gentleman Dude. He most famous work, "Republic of plato" (Greek: Pi οlamda iota tau epsilon □alpha; English: The Republic) described him to fantasize "is perfect" the country. He has also written "Regulation" and many Socrates's dialogue record. Plato at young time has become Socrates's student, moreover (narrated according to him) participated to his teacher's interrogation, although carried out by no means by him. Is different with Socrates, Plato has written down his philosophy viewpoint, and leaves behind quite many quantities the draft manuscript. Please refer to the article which he writes to obtain more information.

In Asia gentleman Dude

Asia gentleman Dude (Greek: Alpha rho iota sigma tau οtau □lamda eta □; English: Aristotle, is called in other majority non- English languages Aristoteles, in Italian then is called Aristotele,384 B.C. - 322 B.C.3 month on 7th) with Plato together, is called produces to the west thinking mode important influence one of two people.

Their work, although has the correlation in many foundations aspects, but in style and primary intention aspect actually entirely different. Plato wrote down the number to hit the philosophy dialogue to record (by form which conversed debated that, usually appeared and the few correspondence by Socrates by participant status). Although the early dialogue records mainly is about obtains the knowledge the method, moreover majority in finally about fair and actual ethics, but he most famous work states about ethics、 metaphysics, deduction,KnowledgeWith humanity life outline viewpoint. Its prominent thought includes, (feeling view) obtains the knowledge through the intuition always to be able to leave behind puzzled and the impure viewpoint, moreover "can obtain is real ' the knowledge" to so-called the ponder mind from the world ' to feel was sick of. Only then the soul can grasp the knowledge the structure, the thing realityEssenceWe saw to the world is merely fills the slight defect the copy. Such knowledge not only has ethics the importance, moreover has the science the importance. We may regard as PlatoIdealismWithRationalism.

相比之下, in Asia gentleman Dude takes from the feeling view to obtain the knowledge, moreover relative more will obtainEmpiricistModern label. Therefore in Asia gentleman Dude enters for the after ultimate developmentScientific methodThe century has prepared for. Now still existed in Asia the gentleman Dude work by the paper form appearance, majority of is distributed by no means by the author. Most important includedPhysicsMetaphysics(Nepali various horses branch)EthicsPoliticsBy soul(Above soul), poem study and very many other works. More discussions please refer to Asia gentleman Dude clause.

Afterwards classical philosopher

Cicero(Greek: Kappa □kappa epsilon rho ο□; English: Cicero)

The base raises the old manIris promise(Zeno of Citium)

Loves the Peak peaceful Germany(Epictetus)

Iraqi wall dove Lu(希腊语:Επίκουρος;英语:Epicurus)与卢克莱修(Lucretius)



阿摩尼阿斯·萨卡斯(Ammonius Saccas)、 普罗提诺(Plotinus)、 波菲利(Porphyry)、 普罗克洛斯(Proclus)、 杨布利柯(Iamblichus) 马可·奥勒留(Marcus Aurelius)


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