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Ancient Greece play

Ancient Greece theater vertical aspect

Ancient Greece □□□Is refers numerous approximately □in the A.D. first 6 century's ends to the A.D. previous the beginning of 4 centuries □Ancient Greece □World□□. Other □ancient Greece □ politics sum□matterCenter Athens city with □also is the ancient Greece □□□center. Athens is sad □ sum is happy □ also includes in the world □□□□earliest □□form. Ancient Greece □□□and □made □the west □□and the culture □unfolds □lives held □but the deep □shade □.

Table of contents


Athens is earliest □□□□origins in holds a memorial service for the BacchusDi?ni south religion lives □. □an origin □tests □□□□□, because □the Athens earliest □□performance then leaves □in once a yearBacchus □On. Lives how as for □□desire □腴 祭神 □□unfolds Cheng?zui early sad □and is happy □, □□is unknown.

□Reese DudeIn him "□□" Center □: Hopes □is sad □□lives must be earlier thanYang Human?(satyr play) and happy □, but is sad □□by □□Di?ni the southThe Bacchus □is beautiful □Develops □but □. □□are beautiful □all is the human □is being dead drunk □the period of five daysNamely □□does. A.D.Previous 600 years□humanAly old man□the Bacchus □was beautiful □□unfolds one □bySong □Recites, has □the matter characteristic new □□□type. In A.D.Previous 534 yearsA □name callsPeaceful Si BisiHuman Cheng?zui as early as the character which □center acts the main role at □□□the matter. He passes □the back □□□With the personal performance, □□completely 融入 the role; □causes own performance and the song with □him □□gathers. In □□□□□the shape, the song □acting is □the matter and □□role. Peaceful Si Bisi □□is ancient Greece □earliest develops □.


To A.D. first 5 th □, □□□has become □the Athens culture and the resident officially lives to be important □becomes the part. Once a year inBacchus □□Bacchus □important □Rong Pian is grand □□compares □. Each □□□□writers all must submit one □are sad □Three □□With one □□accommodates □Yang Human? makes □□□the work, latter □the standard often must □□and is more cheerful than former □. □□□unfolds to □□□the time, □the center character by one □increases □□, but the song □acting role □picture is a □□vertical character, but a non- □□□□matter. □does the host □also no longer □□limits to □Di?ni the south □□, but is □the beginning in entire □Ancient Greece □god □Center selects material.

Also is precisely in □□□the time, □□shade □□to Athens's outside place. Athens's Bacchus □still was during a year is most important □□lives □, but each □ancient Greece □city-state has all constructed own □courtyard. □now preserves complete isEgyptian Russ□courtyard. Each □ancient Greece □□courtyard all lives with the religious □standard □as well as the god □□□has certainly certainly □□.

□a □time only then four 位元 □writers have the work □world, four □people all are the Athens person. His □minute □is the sad □writerEss □□SiRope Fowke LussWith Ou Libi results in Si, as well as happy □writerArab League □Stauffen. He □□does, as well as □the Reese Dude's principle □writings, □have had the human □□ancient Greece □□□completely □solution.

Hopes □□the generation

The uncle □rushes Nepal to scatter □□Afterwards, Athens □the strength weakens greatly, its □□□unfolded as if also chases □has lost the vigor. However, □□□was hoping □□the generation to obtain held □□unfolds, in particular in A.D.First 4 th □□□mountain big emperorAfter a series of □□□□. Hopes □□a generation of most main □□form is "new is happy □". □□□the generation only has the shade □strength □the writer isMi Nade. The new happy □□later generation important □□was its shade □after that ancient □□was happy □, especially □□in □ancient □□important □writerPu □□SiWithPeaceful □SiShade □.



□Reese Dude □ancient Greece □□□especially □□□inUnity of actionNamely □□consistency, □is consistent and the performance consistency. The ancient Greece □□□sentiment □usually only □lives in one day □, □not □□. In the sentiment □on also often only then a □host □, does not permit □other□sentiment □Existence. □Reese Dude's proposing "the unity of action" the principle □original intention lies in describes a □guest □form, but non- □decides one □is ideal □□. □non- all ancient Greece □□□all follows mechanically "the unity of action", but □a principle □□uses in □mostly □the sentiment □.

□Reese Dude in□□Center mentioned □□six big elements, divide □□the sentiment □(plot), the role (character), the thought (thought), □the word (language), the sound □(music), □the scenery □(spectacle).

□□□□ is sad □ sum is happy □ is □□the entirely different □□□type, moreover □has any ancient Greece □□□to be able □with □to contain □□especially □. ButYang Human?In □cuts □however and is sad □one □by the god □or □the race □lead, but □passes □□□the spiritual □vulgar word □□punctures the ridicule □center lead, has □the happy □□standard.

Constructs □

Ancient Greece □□□all is open-air generally, including three □partial:□pond(Or host □, dance floor), Jing Wu as well as □□mat. □the pond often is located constructs □the central committee, usually also makes □the dance □, is a □Zhou?? 150 meters □shapes □territories. □the pond develops the place which □the performance and the song □recites, also is □the good religious □-like □institute. Central often has in □the pond □Offers a sacrifice to □. In Athens, □the place offers a sacrifice to □usually is □holds a memorial service for Di?ni the south construction.

Behind □the pond is □□"the scenery room" (skene) the rectangle constructs □, Italy □"□awning" or "wigwam". Jing Wu function □thereupon ancient Greece □□□after □, in □□develops □may □the clothing □and the mask. The usual scenery beyond the material world has three leaves □to lead to □the pond. Has front some □□scenery room one □protrudes the ground performance □territory, □then is □the generation □□centerDance □front part□shape. The earliest scenery room often if this □, is a □□awning □□□, □the religious □standard lives □but constructs, □ties after □the standard then is demolished. Latter □, □□□is becoming □a □mainstream □□□the type, □□also became one □permanently has constructed □. Some □period of five days people □□□□□the document make □the dance □background in the scenery room semblance. □also is in English "scenery" a □origin.

□□in □the pond Zhou? slope shape □□is □□the mat. □□the mat usually according to the small hillside slope construction, □□□sits in the entire □arrangement □on the chair □□the performance. Ancient Greece □□□usually only can construct on the shape □□suitable hillside. The ancient Greece □□courtyard □the mold very is usually big, can □accommodate □1 □5,000 □□. □□□usually are □putting -like, □□may clearly see to the week □other people, including develops □and the song □, as well as □□all around □light.


The ancient Greece □□courtyard □the big □mold □decided developed □□the performance to have □to have to compare □□□. He □wants the big □back □□□, large scale makes each □hand □, because □only then □□can guarantee entire □□□□all can see to and □to he □performance. Also is precisely stemming from with □the reason, often cannot use the size slightly in □□the performance compared to □Stage propDevelops □□must pass □Goon □□explains refers to certain thing □. Ancient Greece □□□usually only then □to three □develops □, therefore one □develops □often must with □□develop □□the different role. But often □a center □role also may with □□□develop □□develops.

Ancient Greece □□□contains the sound mostly □and the dance element. The song □and the role is bright □, recites□articleAll attachesAccompaniment.

Clothing □and mask

Because develops □and □□distance □extremely □, therefore develops □must □□the numerous □clothing □and the mask □attraction □□attention. Develops □□uses the thick bottom the boots by to cause oneself □high somewhat, has □□wants □on □the color □□glove by to enable □□□to distinguish □own hand □.




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