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Ancient Greece literature

Ancient Greece literatureRefers to the ancient times Greece world literature. Generalized ancient Greece literature has covered fromClanSystem Greece society toGreece meltsThe time literature, the duration nearly in 1000. The ancient Greece literature is the entire western literature source, also is Europe literature first peak.

The ancient Greece literature had reflected Europe approaches from the clan society slavery society transition period real life, has manifested the ancient times world people specially to between the war and peace, the human and the nature relations ponder. ancient Greece time prominent hero behavior and social history significant vicissitude all in the literary work can profound manifesting. These literary works not only have established the main key for the entire western literature development, also studied the ancient Greece world for the people the history and the society has provided the rich literature material.

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Exhibits in British Museum's Homer statue

ancient Greece is located Europe, Mediterranean Sea northeastern part, including now Balkans peninsula,Asia minor peninsulaWest bank sum Aegean Sea many islands. The specific geography condition causes the ancient Greece person to depend upon 农耕 way some victory with difficulty in the paddies, but is in marine depends on does business, does pirate or opens the colony to the overseas to strive for the survival. This kind of survival environment ancient Greece person free has been already bold, is rich in the imagination, fills the primitive desire, the advocation wisdom and the strength national disposition, also cultivated the ancient Greece person to pursue the present world life value, to pay great attention to individual status and individual dignity cultural value idea. Therefore, ancient Greece literature sum art richly colorful has, the grand lively characteristic, has the human society childhood time innocent characteristic.

Because ancient Greece bay, island multitudinous, the seafaring is developed, therefore with other areas, specially with Egypt sum west Asia various countries have the widespread trade, the cultural relation. As early as before ancient Greece civilization birth, in west AsiaTwo rivers basinsIn canyon on continuously productionSoviet Union and America you civilizationBabylon civilizationWithAsia states the civilization. There had already had advanced writing,MetallurgySpinning and weavingAnd so on manual art, mathematics、 astronomy、 architecture also achieves the quite high level. Is situated at North Africa Egypt, inIndustry、 agriculture、 science、 literature art aspect also appeared the ancient times rare miracle. All these have had the profound influence to the Greek culture. The Greek absorbed the rich nutrition from the ancient Eastern culture by to moisten oneself, the Greek literature also had the remarkable Eastern color.

The ancient Greece literature displayed the ancient Greece person to be right universe, the nature and the life understanding and the ponder, in which is containing they more primitive spirit, psychological, the emotion and the cultural content. Outside world 神秘莫测, the nature cannot control, life ever-changing, caused them to form had the religionFatalismColor "destiny view". Manifests in the literature, the destiny has the absolute controllability to the human and may not the change, the human must obey the destiny the arrangement, but the human may display the biggest talent and the ON potential in the destiny scope, has one's wish makes own matter.

Ancient Greece ancient Rome literature god and the human all have freely bold, independent are uninhibited, the revelry seek pleasure, enjoy the life the individual standard to realize, but displays arduously, the indomitable spirit in front of the difficulty. The might infinite destiny gives ancient Greece person has brought puzzled and fears, also has raised their self-awareness and the individual spirit. In addition, they in stimulated the vigorous life vigor with the destiny resistance in. The ancient Greece literature was precisely in describes the human to track down, the human and in the destiny contradiction and the resistance to the present world value had demonstrated human nature lively and the beauty, has displayed the human childhood time freedom, optimistic and is romantic. Life consciousness, human this consciousness and the free idea are the ancient Greece literature basic spirit, later also has become the western literature and the cultural basic essence.


Heroic time

B.C.E. 12 centuries to the B.C.E. 8 centuries are the ancient Greece world fromClan commune systemTo slavery society transition time, the history called "the heroic time", called "the Homer time", this time literature main achievement is myth sum epic poem.

Ancient Greece myth

The ancient Greece myth is the primitive clan society's energetic product, is the ancient Greece person collective creation, also is the western world earliest literature form, probably produces before the B.C.E. 8 centuries. It hands down in the Greek primitive primitive people long-term mouth mouth in the foundation forms the basic scale, latter in Homer、Hussey Russia GermanyIn human's work obtains the full reflection. It produces with the reflection geographical position is west the Greek peninsula, east toAsia minor peninsulaSouth toIsland of CreteGeneral Aegean Sea area. Greek mythology is a broad vast system, the branch vein clique numerous and disorderly, fable story multitudinous, incompletely is consistent. But it has the obvious family color, Bao Yunzhuo a blood relationship link, has a basic vein, may divide into the god roughly the story and the heroic fable two major parts.

In the Greek mythology god 祗 is same like the human, has the passion, has the good and evil, has the scheme, has the blood relationship relations mutually, all is has personified the image. Like heavenly father zeus pursues frequently on the world of mortals tempts the world of mortals female, but his wife Hera then is similar to a 妒忌心 greatly strengthened woman to persecute her equally the love rival. But god 祗 and human's difference also very obvious: The immortality, may distort at will, each special ability and the huge might, its likes and dislikes manner lives to the world of mortals humanity kills the fortune and misfortune to play the decision role. Status most prominent god is lives in Mt. Olympus 12 Lord.

"The Arab League 喀 Colored glaze Si's Anger", tall Vanni draws

In the heroic fable heroes all are a descendant which the god and the human lives, is half god half person, has the excellent ability and the extraordinary will. The heroic fable forms many systems take the different family as the center, mainly includes Hera Creed fable, too Sues fable, Iraq Arab League Song fable and so on.

The Greek mythology is forms gradually in the long historical period, the god disposition and the responsibility as well as the plot all have the development change. Might pass on the Greek mythology is the entire western literature source, later generation nearly all writers all once derives the nutrient from the ancient myth.

"Homer Epic poem"

《 Homer epic poem "is in the western history of literature the earliest official written literary work. The epic poem including two, respectively is " Ely Asia special "(as soon as translates" Iraqi Leone Discipline") and" odyssey "(as soon as translates" Orde To repair Discipline"), hands down the author is lives approximately in the B.C.E. 10 centuries to 8 centuries between blind person poets Homer, but a present more popular viewpoint is "the Homer Epic poem" is includes Homer's many human of collective creation and repairs repeatedly reforms.

《 Ely Asia special "the altogether 24 volumes, 15,693 lines, select material in the Greek mythology" the disagreementGolden apple" Fable. Hands down Arab League 喀 colored glaze Si parents hold the wedding ceremony time forgot invites the disagreement goddessDistress ReeseThe angry goddess of vengeance abandons a golden apple at the banquet, on writes "presents as a gift for the most beautiful female", after initiation day赫拉、智慧女神雅典娜和爱神阿芙罗狄忒之间的争夺,并最终导致特洛伊战争的爆发。史诗以特洛伊战争中希腊联军统率阿迦门农夺走勇将阿喀琉斯宠爱的女俘,阿喀琉斯因愤怒而不再参战这一情节为楔子,描写阿喀琉斯的愤怒以及此后51天之内发生的事情。





































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