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At present the numerous □□□□breakdown, □sends □multipurpose □, □□, the geographic name and so on □□□□, □each □□, □and so on awaits repairs □.

Planet link

Planet linkRefers revolves planet revolves interstellar matter, mainly for some fragment pellets, at present in solar system some planets discovered. In the distant place observation (the Earth), but forms a ring-like scallop as a result of the reflection sunlight but to acquire fame. Discovered most early this phenomenon the scientist isGalileo(Saturn's ring). - In solar system has the planet link the major planet to have Jupiter、 Saturn、 Uranus sum Neptune

How the astronomy □family still not the clear planet □was □did form, but believed generally the planet □□decided, □□in □thousand □after □□year vanished, therefore, □in □□will be □□□forms in the near future, possibly was one □□starFragment. □□□the star possibly suffers greatly hits □, or because too approached the planet (□The Luo river hopes □limits) But suffers the planetTidal forceTears into shreds.

Forms the planet □thing □to have the difference respectively, may be the small □grainSilicic acid □Or ice, perhaps □big stone □.

Has □the period of five days, the planet □□□has some small □stars in □□□or □□center □the line, □□Shepherd □star. Shepherd □star attraction causes the planet □maintenance clear boundary □if has the thing □to move to the shepherd □star □, is not □is driven back □□, then is □□□□is □perhaps is attracted by the shepherd □star □.

Some Jupiter □the star □line hopes in Jupiter's Luo river □limits □, for exampleWooden □15WithWooden □16. Jupiter □has the possibility then is falls by its □surface □the thing □□becomes. Hopes in the Luo river □limits □, □the star itself attraction is insufficient to resist the planet the tidal force, □the star is not put in order □tears into shreds is because □it □physics □□is big, but exterior □□disperses the thing □□□□walks.

Neptune □is extremely unusual, the early ground □□□shows □is only some incomplete arc, butTraveller 2 □Pats □the phantom □□shows the integrity but the thing □minute □to be together uneven □. Astronomy □family □□,Sea □sixOr other shepherd □stars □send □the thing □to assume pile □the minute □.


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